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McDonald’s increases salaries to attract new employees

McDonald’s plans to increase hourly wages by 10% in the United States to be able to quickly add 10,000 new employees, at a time when some companies are having difficulty hiring.

The increase, which will extend over several months, will be applied to 5% of the chain’s stores in the United States that employ 36,500 employees.

The minimum wage at the time of hiring will go from 11 to 17 dollars per hour for restaurant employees and between 15 and 20 dollars for managers or administrators, depending on the location.

The chain’s goal is to recruit 10,000 new workers in three months before the summer season and with the progressive reopening of the restaurants.

More and more companies in the United States are having trouble attracting employees for the lowest paid positions, particularly in the food industry.

Republicans argue that aid to the unemployed hinders the improvement of the labor market.

But millions of Americans continue to face partial closures of schools and daycare centers and cannot go to work, while some unemployed are afraid of variants of the coronavirus.


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