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Mbappé ‘finished them all’ in training when he was 16 years old: “He left everyone on the ground”

The story you did not know about the young Frenchman, who surprised from the lower categories of AS Monaco

Son of Brazilians and born in Portugal, Leonardo Miramar remember in detail the first times you saw Kylian Mbappé in the U19 team of Monaco. Although he was very young, the star of PSG, which faces the Bayern Munich In the quarterfinals of the Champions League, he already demonstrated the talent that would captivate the world years later.

“I was about 16 years old when we trained with the Monaco B team, they had much older guys, 20 years old. In the one-on-one exercise, he destroyed the opponents. He took the defenders and left everyone on the ground, It was an ugly thing (laughs). We said, ‘Wow, the kid finished with everyone,’ “the forward, currently at RWD Molenbeek in Belgium, told

Even though he was three years younger than the age limit for the category, the Frenchman remained.

“Mbappé had a lot of speed and the ability to define very well. In the first five U-19 games he already had 10 goals. He scored goals very easily.”

“It was common in the basic forces when a player stood out, to nickname him after Brazilian stars, mainly Ronaldinho Gaucho. Mbappé was called ‘Kylianinho’ because he was very good with the ball. He liked that nickname,” he explained.

Despite his great talent, his former colleagues saw the French as an easy person to get along with on a day-to-day basis.

“We used to play a lot off the court because he kept pissing off his older teammates. He got along with everyone and we liked to joke around. He was a very polite and nice boy,” she said.

Leonardo states that other boys in the youth categories of Monaco They were as popular as Mbappé at the time, yet the PSG striker was the only one who managed to become a high-level player.

“He was considered a very great talent, but many others who went through the basics were also seen that way. When he went up to the first team, they saw that he was different from the others because he came with great maturity and gained confidence.”

After just one year in the U19 team, Mbappé He made his debut for Monaco in the 2014/2015 season.

“We wondered if he would perform so well in the professional first division and he maintained his level. He is very special. The following year, he made his jump to the first team and I never saw him again (laughs).”

Since then, the forward has established himself as one of the great names in football, being champion of the 2018 World Cup with France at only 19 years old.

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