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Mazepin’s comment on Schumacher that Ferrari won’t like

Mazepin’s comment on Schumacher that Ferrari won’t like

Despite having only two races in Formula 1, Nikita mazepin he has become one of the most controversial drivers in recent times. For his mistakes on the track, what he does outside of it, the ‘checkbook’ with which he has broken into Haas … and, in addition, his statements. A few days ago he referred to his teammate, Mick Schumacher, and he said something that Ferrari will not like at all, which supports the German through its driver program.

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Nikita mazepin He has just arrived in Formula 1 with the Haas team, in which his father has invested a fortune through his companies. In his first races with what is already the worst team on the grid, he has given a lot to talk about … but not because of his good performance on the track, but because of his track starts, accidents and mistakes. His goal, he says, is to learn and spend many years in Formula 1.

“F1 is surprisingly intense for me. I knew it would be intense, but the two qualifying sessions I have done so far have seemed frantic. Time is shorter, so everything happens,” Mazepin told Russian Match television TV, according to media such as Marca or GP Blog. “It is very important to continue learning. It is a completely different championship from what I was used to and very demanding. I am sure that I will be in this paddock for a few years, so I will not worry,” he adds.

But the most curious thing about this interview were the statements he made about his partner, Mick Schumacher, a young pilot on whom there are many eyes set for being the son of one of the best pilots in history and, to a lesser extent, for having achieved the Formula 2 title last year. For Nikita, Mick has a considerable advantage in having the backing of Ferrari, which allows him, among other things, to train in an F1 simulator and even drive a car from two years ago.

“We don’t have a simulator in the team (referring to Haas), so I have to use a simulator like the one professional pilots use at home,” says the Russian pilot. “As I am not a member of that driver program (in reference to the Ferrari Driver Academy), I do not have those kinds of privileges. That is why I have to prepare for Portimao’s race in Moscow,” he added.

These statements have caused Guenther Steiner, Haas team manager, you have to go out and explain the difference in the preparation possibilities of your two drivers. “I wouldn’t say he has an advantage,” Steiner told Germany’s n-tv. “Nikita also tests in the simulator. Driving is always important because you always learn something. Nor does it bring a great advantage to drive a car from two years ago at Fiorano”, he assures in reference to the tests that Mick did last week with Ferrari, at the wheel of a 2018 SF71-H.

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