Alejandra Jaramillo’s return to television triggered even unexpected reactions, such as that of Mayra Jaime, who compared situations and took her time on camera to say: “My two grandparents died while on the same program and I continued with work ”. Her statements made her the focus of endless criticism from La Caramelo fans, and such was the “harassment” that the presenter confessed that she spoke with the star of “In contact”.

“It is overwhelming to see that people literally ask for someone’s empathy through the grieving process and wish death on someone who is not at fault. Yes it hurts and it does affect me, really, with all my heart, now stop. My son has not done anything to them, my son is not even born, he does not even know what this world is like, so that from the womb he comes attacked by you, “said Mayra in a clip published by an entertainment account on Instagram.

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“I spoke with her…”, he said referring to Alejandra, “and she told me that she had no bad intention with her publication, that it was not to generate hatred against me. And I told her that I believed her, because my intention was not to offend her in any way … Since that message is not made public, because it is something between the intimacy of the two, I decided to make it public so that they can stop the lynching against me, because yes Everything is settled between her and me, why do the comments and bad wishes continue? ”Jaime is heard saying in another video captured by another celebrity profile.

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Why are they attacking Mayra Jaime?

As mentioned above, Mayra manifested in her program about Alejandra’s return to the Ecuavisa screen after the death of Efraín Ruales two months ago. The presenter also claimed that she did not want to be judged as insensitive because she also had her experience with family losses. When Mayra explains that her grandparents passed away and she continued working, her partner Tábata Gálvez replied: “They can’t do a show with the death of your grandparents because they weren’t on the screen,” and the star said: “I’m talking about internal feeling, as a person you get up, I cried, I crawled, all because my grandfather is my grandfather ”.

For her part, Alejandra returned to “In Touch” and said: “I want to start by thanking you, because I think there could be no other word in my heart that is not gratitude for so much love, so much affection, before so many messages of empathy and solidarity. People who, without knowing me, were there… thank you with all my heart ”.

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With a lump in her throat, the star continued: “I could feel the influence of a great wonderful man who touched my life, and who also touched your life … and if I’m super honest, come back here, to the place where flirtation began. , where the looks began, our dreams flew, where our relationship began, definitely, it is not easy … I understood that healing comes from within. It is a very subtle, but radical decision that gives a change to that approach to pain… only I know this personal transformation process that I have lived… if we seek God, anything is possible ”.


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