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Mayor proposes a State of Exception in Quito

The Mayor of Quito, Jorge Yunda, has urged the Government to declare a State of Exception in Quito to reduce COVID-19 infections. The capital is going through a saturation in its hospital services. This was announced by the highest authority of the city after a meeting held with the National Emergency Operations Committee (COE) to analyze the epidemiological situation.

“We have urged the National COE that, after the elections, we can have a State of Exception for 15 days where the city slows down and the dangerously overflowed health system can be decongested”.

Jorge Yunda.

Segment face-to-face work schedules

In another proposal, the Burgomaster detailed a segmentation in the hours of face-to-face work in the city so that each sector enters its day at different times. That is, one sector enters at 09:00, another at 08:00 or 07:00. The objective is to lower the load and occupancy capacity at peak hours. “We are reaching a consensus so that everyone does not enter at the same time”, He said.

“The problem of rush hours and public transport is generated precisely because we all go to work at the same time”

He also called on the private sector to maintain teleworking and that it be carried out in person only if necessary.


For his part, the Secretary of Mobility Guillermo Abad, announced that after the electoral elections, on April 12 the plan ‘Hoy no circula’ is resumed in Quito, which is based on the restriction of four plates per day from 05: 00 until 22:00.

“From 05:00 to 22:00, the exemptions that have been given to the different sectors will be maintained. From 22:00 to 05:00 there are other types of exceptions framed in the strategic sectors that will be announced in the next few hours ”. Guillermo Abad.

Abad added that the safe conducts will be in force.


The Secretary of Security, César Díaz, for his part assured that the operations in the capital will continue so that citizens comply with biosafety regulations, avoid crowds and clandestine parties.

“Once the State of Exception ends and the curfew (at midnight on April 9) we return to the pilot plans that had been authorized such as the reopening of metropolitan parks, gyms and different lines of business that are within the plan , with the fulfillment of the capacity ”

Cesar Diaz

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