Máximo Kirchner’s speech in Deputies among Chicanas, provocations and insults

The head of the Frente de Todos bloc in the Chamber of Deputies, Máximo Kirchner, closed the debate on the retirement mobility bill with a speech that had numerous chicanas and provocations to the bench of Together for Change.

Kirchner began his speech by marking a difference between the ruling party and the opposition, and referring to the “abuse” you received from the other side. “You are educated, the rude are us, the Peronists. Let us mature that it is good,” he said.

To defend the bill proposed by the government of Alberto Fernandez, the deputy explained that “what we are doing is complying with what we said in the electoral campaign, that we believed that this formula was the best so that retirees could gradually recover the income they lost with the change of formula made by Mauricio Macri “.

Then, he recalled that the former president Cristina Fernandez “He had to veto the 82% mobile to retirees and retirees” and ironically asked the deputies of Together for Change: “Why didn’t they do it during the 4 years that they were in government? One cannot propose things to screw the another, one has to be rational. They had 4 years to pass that law vetoed by Cristina “.

At another point, Kirchner referred to the speech of Mario Negri, head of the Together for Change bench, who had started his speech showing a stone, alluding to the stones thrown by the then opponents of the government of Mauricio Macri at the end of 2017, in the Plaza del Congreso, when the previous modification to the retirement mobility index was voted.

Mario Negri showed a stone during his speech in the Chamber of Deputies.  Twitter Capture

Mario Negri showed a stone during his speech in the Chamber of Deputies. Twitter Capture

“And since I knew I was going to bring a stone, because they have become very predictable, because their electorate does not demand anything more than to insult us, I brought you the rubber bullets. These are the rubber bullets that you guys used. And I only show them because they brought the stones. Here are the bullets that they shot on people“, said the pro-government deputy holding a projectile in each hand while his colleagues in his space applauded him.

“There is something that you want to embody that you are not. You are not resistant, you are the power. You may have lost an election but you are the power and you defend power in Argentina,” he told the Juntos por el Cambio bloc.

Kirchner said that “so stark was this repression that they had to change the Gendarmerie for the City Police from one session to another,” and added: “It was a march that had espionage previous who arrived at the office of the President (Macri), where they told him ‘the Moreno or Avellaneda collectives leave’. They came here and were received in the worst way. Deputies and deputies were in the infirmary while the session continued “.

“When they show the stones I can see which side they would be between David and Goliath. They’d be on Goliath’s side, and we’re on David’s side“, he claimed.

In another of his Chicanas to the opposition, Kirchner asked that “they also reflect on why they lost.”

“Why did they lose if they had the IMF that gave them 44 billion dollars, why did they lose if the two largest newspapers in the country said it was the most successful management and that there was a lioness in the province of Buenos Aires? 20 points difference we take from the lioness in the province. That is the lack of management, sensitivity and understanding what happens to people, “he said while once again his peers cheered him on.

“Insult all you want because it is the greatest certainty that the next election we will win again. They lack arguments, they have plenty of insults“, he assured.

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