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Máximo Kirchner’s plan to stay with the Buenos Aires PJ clashes with the wishes of the mayors

The son of the vice president advances in its construction in the province and weaves new alliances to stay with the party Credit: Frente de Todos

Politics in the main electoral bastion of the country, the province of Buenos Aires, encloses between its folds the advance of Máximo Kirchner and his group, La Cámpora. The national deputy is strongly committed to keeping control of the Buenos Aires Justicialist Party, which generates clashes with the mayors who command that structure. The provincial deployment of Cristina Kirchner’s son includes alliances with other communal chiefs, in a sort of counterweight, and a direct line to Governor Axel Kicillof. The political evolution within some municipalities also appears among the interests of the leader of La Cámpora. The Buenos Aires game of Máximo Kirchner is generous in terms of open fronts.

The bid for control of the Buenos Aires PJ is the central fight. As he could find out THE NATIONOne of those in charge of transferring to the party authorities the deputy’s desire to assume the party presidency was the Interior Minister, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro. The mayors Gustavo Menéndez (Merlo) and Fernando Gray (Esteban Echeverría), lead the provincial justicialismo, alternating in the presidency. Currently, the president is Menéndez, and next year it is Gray’s place, until the end of the term on December 17, 2021.

“We want to take charge and that Máximo is president. How would it be done? They all resign,” he told THE NATION a source familiar with the internal life of the PC when summarizing the camper proposal. Driving relies on maintaining power. It is sheltered in its refusal to step aside and in a calculation that establishes that only a small part of the members of the party’s Council would agree to resign. It is an account based on the political loyalties of each of the directors and their orientations, mostly distant from La Cámpora.

A barbecue that took place on Wednesday, in Lomas de Zamora, after an inauguration ceremony of a prison hospital in which President Alberto Fernández was, stole attention in this dispute. Máximo Kirchner led that meal with Peronist mayors and leaders, in which the local mayor, Martín Insaurralde, one of his strongest allies, was the host. There, according to one of the diners told the nation, the head of the block of the Frente de Todos en Diputados accused the mayors Menéndez, Gray, and Juan Zabaleta (Hurlingham), of operating against him through the press. None of the three were at the roast.

Also, added the same source, in that meal Máximo supported the mayor of La Matanza, Fernando Espinoza, to be the next president of the Argentine Federation of Municipalities (FAM), another stronghold of power that Peronism usually disputes and for which the name of Zabaleta is also rumored. Although Matanzas sources were silent before the consultation of the nation, other Peronist voices commented that one of the alliances that Máximo weaves is with Espinoza, to support each other in their objectives of leading the PJ and the FAM, respectively.

“He has the PJ in his head. But today [por el miércoles] it was miserable, it was a lack of political intelligence to name the three mayors like that, “evaluated a witness at the lunch in Lomas, in which Kicillof was also present.


The fight for the match raised spirits. “It is a turning point, we are no longer banking on this,” said, obfuscated, a Peronist source who assures that this conflict is only the prelude to new fights, such as the one on the lists. “The president of the PJ arms the electoral board of the party,” the source summarized to illustrate the importance of the dispute. He adds that the President seeks to “cool down” the fight and that Cristina remains on the sidelines.

In the game of alliances that Máximo Kirchner deploys in the province, Insaurralde is a key ally. “Fundamentally, Máximo’s relationship with the mayors is through Martín. Máximo came to Lomas several times to participate in activities. The link is super fluid,” they explained from the district that governs Insaurralde and added that the deputy is even interested in local politics issues. “The only close link to Máximo is Insaurralde,” they underlined near another Peronist mayor.

For a camper source from the suburbs, the dispute over the PJ is “speculation.” He affirmed that “recovering jobs is what Maximo cares about most, and it is part of what he talks with leaders and businessmen.” He also highlighted his presence in several municipalities: “He has direct contact with mayors, he goes to activities in districts such as Quilmes, Lomas, Varela, Pilar.” Mayra Mendoza, mayor of Quilmes and a member of La Cámpora, is one of the deputy’s usual contacts. “They speak often, because of Quilmes and national politics,” the source said.

Máximo Kirchner’s interest in municipal politics appears frequently. “He is very receptive and has facilitated processes with the national government. But the times I speak, it is seldom outside of local politics. He knows the map, the cabinet, the Deliberative Council,” he confided to THE NATION an intendant who usually treats it.

Axel Kicillof and Máximo Kirchner
Axel Kicillof and Máximo Kirchner Source: AFP

A strong link of the deputy on the Buenos Aires political map is Kicillof. “They have always dealt with daily. When it was decided that Axel was going to work in the province, it was in a consensual talk with Cristina and Máximo. It was also a coordinated decision with them that public works be the axis of management,” they exemplified nearby of the governor, who in the Legislature has the two official blocs in charge of campers.

In addition, Máximo Kirchner maintains a historically close relationship with the Minister of Development of the Buenos Aires Community, Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque, another leader of La Cámpora.

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