Máximo Kirchner: “We got 20 points from ‘La Leona’. That is the lack of management, the lack of sensitivity”

“Shout all you want, insult all you want, because the next elections we are going to win again,” exclaimed Máximo Kirchner against the deputies of Together for Change, whom he accused of being “full of hatred” Credit: Video capture

At the closing of the debate on the new retirement mobility law, the head of the Frente de Todos bloc, Maximum Kirchner, refuted opposition criticisms and emphasized that, with this new formula, retirement assets “gradually” will recover purchasing power that, in his opinion, they lost during the government of Mauricio Macri.

“That these retirees this year, with all the process they had to undergo because they are people at risk in a pandemic, where even the media themselves, in order to oppose the Government, begin to criticize that the vaccine is Russian. Look, the vaccine, so (Héctor) Magnetto (CEO of Clarín) did it, I put it on. Clarín can do it and I’m going to wear it, “Kirchner emphasized.

The head of the pro-government bloc made harsh criticism of the macrista government. “Marcos Peña (former chief of the Macri government cabinet), during the electoral process, assured everyone that there was not going to be a pension reform in Argentina. Months later, we found ourselves with the installation of this formula that today we have come to change – He said, “What we are doing is complying with what we said in the electoral campaign, that we believed that this formula was the best so that retirees could gradually recover the income they lost with the change of formula made by Mauricio Macri, and not only because of the formula change but with macro policy, “he said.

Retirement mobility: Máximo Kirchner’s speech.


Likewise, Kirchner reproached the opposition for not promoting, during the Macri government, a law establishing 82% mobile for retirees, just as they did during their mother’s rule, Cristina Kirchner, who was forced to veto it, she said.

“The former president had to veto the vital and mobile 82% for retirees and retirees. Why didn’t they do it when they were in the government? One cannot propose things to screw the other, one has to be rational. They had four years to pass that law vetoed by Cristina “, emphasized the son of the vice president.

In another passage of his speech, Kirchner responded to the head of the Juntos por el Cambio interblock, Mario Negri, who had brought to his bench one of the stones that were thrown against the facade of Congress during the excesses of December 2017, when the pension reform promoted by the macrismo was discussed.

“As I knew they were going to bring a stone, because they have become very predictable and their electorate does not ask for more than that, I brought them the rubber bullets. These are the rubber bullets that you guys used. And I only show them because they brought the stones. Here are the bullets that were thrown at the people, who are the true resisters. You are not resistant, you are the power. They may have lost an election, but they are the power of Argentina. Resist the comrades resisted in the square outside, “he retorted.

“Also reflect on why they lost,” he challenged. “Why did they lose if they had a Monetary Fund that gave them 44,000 million dollars? Why did they lose if the two largest newspapers in Argentina said that it was the most successful management in Argentina. And that in the governorate of the Province there was a lioness (alluding to María Eugenia Vidal)? Twenty points of difference we get from “La Leona.” That is the lack of management, the lack of sensitivity, not understanding what is happening to her to the people”.

Shout all you want, insult all you want, because it is the greatest certainty that the next election we are going to win again. They lack arguments, they have plenty of insults, “he concluded.

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