Máximo Kirchner: “These are the rubber bullets that you …

Máximo Kirchner starred in one of the most intense moments in Tuesday’s session in Deputies, in which the new formula for retirement mobility was approved. The head of the Frente de Todos bloc took the opportunity to recall what the repression was during the debate on the previous formula and showed bullet cartridges, a symbol of the repression of macrismo on December 18, 2017. “You are the power and you defend the power in Argentina, “he told the Juntos por el Cambio bench.


It happened later that the Macrista deputy Mario Negri showed pieces of stone, alluding to the rubble of that day against the security forces while the repression was taking place. “I doubted and did not know whether to share it with the people with whom I militate and work,” said Kirchner, who added that “I think there are better arguments than bringing a stone.

That’s when he showed the pod. “SI knew I was going to bring a stone, because they have become very predictable, because their electorate asks nothing more than to insult us and they have no proposals, I brought them the rubber bullets“.

Between applause, he pointed out that “these are the rubber bullets that you used, and I only show them because they brought the stones.” He stressed that “here are the bullets that were thrown at the people, who are the true resisters.”

And he closed with the idea that “there is something that you want to embody today and that you are not. You are the power and you defend the power in Argentina. The comrades resisted in the square at the end of 2017.”

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