Mauricio Macri’s harsh end-of-year message: “We were straightening the ship and today it seems adrift”

In your end of the year message, Mauricio Macri harshly criticized the management of Alberto Fernández and was “pessimistic for the next few months” because, he considered, the country “will continue to suffer the consequences of the follies of a government without a plan or a course.”

“We were straightening the boat and today it seems adrift”, considered the former president in the audio broadcast through his accounts on social networks.

Macri criticized criticized “one of the longest and most destructive quarantines in the world”, which, he estimated, “leaves us sequels that we will suffer for many years”, and rammed the Casa Rosada. “When he had to be focused on the health emergency and its economic and social consequences, he faced an authoritarian and judicial agenda away from the problems of the Argentines,” he launched.


Dear Argentines,

A very difficult year is ending for all of us, in which we suffered the effects of the pandemic and quarantine, but which also ended with hope. Yes, I know it sounds strange, because today it is difficult to see how things can improve, but if something good left this year is the demonstration that even in the hardest moments the commitment to our values ​​is intact. We want to live in peace, with respect, with work, in freedom, without lies or abuse, and we are ready to fight for the country we love.

The year had started for many with the logical expectation before a new government. We ourselves, as an opposition, offered him help in the transition and supported him in the things that we thought were worthwhile. That optimism, however, faded. Last summer, the release of dangerous prisoners, the lack of an economic plan, and the first attacks on the Judiciary deepened the recession and raised doubts about the government’s Republican convictions.

And on rained, wet. The pandemic arrived and, with it, one of the longest and most destructive quarantines in the world. We stop looking at our affections, we lock up our children insanely. Many lost their jobs, before an officialism that dedicated itself to preaching fear and more fear, exercising its authority, its power and criticizing society for the increase in cases. And even so, we end up being one of the countries with the most deaths from Covid.

All this could have been avoided with more humility, more attention to international experience and allowing activities that in countries like Uruguay, for example, were never, never, prohibited. This quarantine leaves us sequels that we will suffer for many years. Not only because of the millions of Argentines who lost their jobs but also because of the psychological, educational and health consequences of other pathologies (for example cardiological, oncological, diabetic) not treated in time.

To make matters worse, when it had to be focused on the health emergency and its economic and social consequences, the Government faced an authoritarian and judicial agenda away from the problems of the Argentines. He wanted to expropriate Vicentín, he tried to get rid of the judges who investigate corruption, he attacked the old Correo, when not, to persecute my family and unjustly slapped a part of his budget on the City of Buenos Aires.

There is no clear direction in the economy. We were once again without reserves and without energy and taxes increase and do not stop increasing, again at levels that do not exist in other countries, which clearly, obviously, removes the possibility that someone wants to invest and generate work for the Argentines. As we know, private formal work is the only solution to our problems. For there to be upward social mobility and each Argentine family can dream of a better future, we need to generate quality private work.

However, we ended the year with almost 50% poverty, millions of newly unemployed and inflation on the rise. Sad, but all the efforts made by the Argentines in 2018 and 2019 were lost, years that – I recognize, of course I recognize – were very hard, but in which we were finally straightening the ship and today the ship seems adrift.

But what was not lost – indeed, it is stronger than ever – is the conviction of Argentines that we want to live in freedom, that the law and our rights are respected. The learning that this frustrating 2020 leaves us is that the course to resume is that of work and the truth. Never again to poverty, lies and abuse. As I already told you, I am pessimistic, yes, I am pessimistic for the next few months because I believe that we will continue to suffer the consequences of the blunders of a government without plan or direction. But I am very, very optimistic for the next few years, because I see the strength and conviction of the Argentine people, stronger than ever, fighting to defend our future.

That is why I am full of hope, because my confidence in the Argentines is total. My trust in you is absolute.

We are millions of Argentines whose hearts are filled with a desire for the future, progress, freedom and an appreciation for democracy that cannot be changed by anyone. Let’s trust that, trust us, and move forward to 2021 with the assurance that we are not alone. We are a lot. And every day more.

Happy new year and strength!

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