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Matías Vuoso, key to importing Sputnik V into Mexican soccer

The former Mexican national team will serve as a contact between the businessman seeking to import the Russian vaccine and the Mexican soccer teams that want to buy it.

Matías Vuoso, former player of the America and Santos, met during the Pandemic a Jesus Ortega, the Mexican who seeks to bring to Mexico Sputnik V vaccine. The former scorer of the Liga MX It would be key in the contact between the businessman and the Mexican soccer teams that are interested in acquiring the vaccine against the Covid-19, via private initiative.

“We have the possibility of having access to the team Guadalajara and to Guadalajara Gold, these so far, the Santos. We have good communication with Matías Vuoso, who is well liked in Torreón, there is a proposal and he offered us to be able to talk with the governor of Morelos (Cuauhtémoc Blanco) and other teams”, He commented Jesus Ortega, the businessman who seeks to bring 10 million vaccines Sputnik V to Mexico.

“We spoke with Villa (Germán), he is a person very close to Cuauhtémoc. We are with the possibility of talking with them, looking for letters of intent, to know and have a clarity of how many doses we can be handling, if possible “, he adds.

Jesús Ortega and Matías Vuoso agreed when trying to bring some supplies to combat the Pandemic last year, now the former Mexican national team can help the Covid-19 vaccine reach Mexican soccer teams.

“What of Matías Vuoso It was through friends, he is an excellent person, last year we wanted to do a business, with a need for Pandemic, and I remember that he is a cautious person, committed to himself and does not tell you things that he cannot fulfill. It was through friends that we fulfilled it, that we had the opportunity to live together, he is one of the best people I have ever met, that you meet anywhere and he gives you a photo, he is an excellent human being, a player, who gave him many things to Santos like to America. Where he says he was never going to play was in Chivas”Recalls the businessman who hopes to sign the contract with Russia in the next few days.

In Liga MX, some managers have recognized that they are considering the possibility of buying vaccines against Covid-19 for their teams, if they are open for sale to the public, and Matías Vuoso could help consummate that alternative.

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