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Martina la Peligrosa had to retract after pointing out a young man from "promote violence"

Several Colombian artists have taken the voice during the difficult time the country is going through. Martina la Peligrosa had to retract after pointing out a young man for “promoting violence”

This is the case of Santiago Alarcón, Julián Román, Mario Andrés Muñoz, Adriana Lucía and their sister Martina la Peligrosa, among others.

Everyone has been posting content on their social media about it.

From photos, to videos and stories, their Instagram accounts have become platforms to make the situation visible.

Every night some of them make live videos in which various protesters have been able to speak.

For this, his participation has been applauded and admired by many.

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However, others have not found it a good idea and have not missed the opportunity to criticize.

This is the case of the actress Natasha Klauss, who took advantage of one of the live shows to give her opinion.

And it is that he commented that in these spaces there was a lot of violence and that when he commented, it had been unleashed against him.

“I was here to see them and really support what I can, but giving my opinion generated violence for expressing something different that is not understood, they attack”, wrote.

At his first words and the accusations, Several people started commenting asking for it to be removed from the broadcast.

And it is that they affirmed that she was comparing several acts that could not be compared.

However, she did not stop there and continued:

Disrespectful Do you realize what you achieve? There are also dead policemen and mothers crying, ”he wrote.

Now, another situation has drawn attention, and the person named was Martina the dangerous one.

Apparently, the singer received an audio in which a woman incited violence.

There the person said that “the vandals should be violated in the protests.”

Martina affirmed that she had been informed that the woman would be Valeria García, so she released the information.

In the middle of a live of the young woman, Martina decided to make a comment as well.

“Yes, I am clear that she is the person in the audios, I am happy to put a face on her because she has neither a soul nor a heart.”

Internet users quickly went to their social networks to criticize and report them.

However, In reality, she is not the woman in the broadcast audio and she made it clear on Twitter.

“They are broadcasting some audios and my photos saying that I am the one who says that I hope they are killed for vandals, at no time have I done that I will report them in the @FiscaliaCol for injury and I hold them responsible for what may happen to me “, wrote.

In addition, she assured that both she and her family have received threats that put her life at risk.

Martina la Peligrosa had to retract after pointing out a young man for “promoting violence”

Due to this situation, The singer made a video in which she apologized and accepted her mistake.

There he explained the situation and the reason why he thought it was the young woman.

“Impulsively I connected to Valeria García’s live show where I affirmed that she was responsible for these audios and this is not true. This information is false, so I want to publicly apologize to Valeria García and completely retract what I said ”.

This was posted by the same young woman on her Twitter account.

Additionally, he greatly regretted what is happening, and the threats he is receiving.

He also said that he does not want to encourage hatred or bad comments on his social networks and again affirmed that Valeria García is not responsible for the audios.

For now, In her Twitter account, the young woman has made several trills in which she highlights that the situation has not been solved and she continues to receive threats.

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