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Marseille: Thousands of people celebrate Carnival without authorization

According to official information, around 6,500 people took part in an unauthorized carnival parade in the southern French port city of Marseille. Many of them are said not to have worn protective masks or kept a safe distance from one another.

A police spokesman spoke of completely irresponsible behavior, violations of the mask requirement would be punished. Officials therefore intervened in the evening near the old port in the center of the city to break up the event.

92,000 Coronatote

In France, larger events are generally possible outdoors during the day, provided that safety rules are observed. Several thousand people demonstrated against racism and police violence in Paris and other places on Saturday. France is badly affected by the corona pandemic, and more than 92,000 people have already died.

Meanwhile, the French health authorities are reporting a growing load on the intensive care units. More than 2,200 Covid-19 patients were treated there on Sunday, the highest number since the end of November.

A third lockdown came into force in large parts of France on Saturday. Almost all non-daily shops have to close there for four weeks. Freedom of movement is also restricted.

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