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Marita Köllner escalates in Mallorca – Carnival star exchanges wig with comedy star

Cala Barca (Mallorca, Spain) – you don’t see that every day!

Marita Köllner (63, really is that!), Mega-star of the Cologne Carnival, escalated completely on the hit trip U 104. In front of an enthusiastic audience on Mallorca, she swapped her striking, red wig with presenter and comedy star Heiko Harig (53, really is that!) Completely jeck!

Sure, Carnival in the Rhineland feels like the whole year round. But in Mallorca? Outside the session? Rather not. The audience: from all parts of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Rather unfamiliar terrain for Et fussich Julche, her nickname in Carnival because of the color of her wig (fussich is Kölsch for red).

But Köllner literally tore down the hut. Had to shout encore after encore. The spectators screamed, clapped, trampled, ran polonaise.

You to BILD: “That made me so happy. To be able to perform again after such a long time. I was so full of adrenaline. Didn’t want to stop anymore. But at some point I had to, unfortunately. “

Her presenter and comedy star Heiko Haarig ran into “Grandma Gertrud” in his costume. He to BILD: Suddenly she had me in her arms. I didn’t even know what was happening to me. But we are made of the same cloth. “

Köllner: “I saw that he was also wearing a wig. It hit me: if footballers can swap their jerseys, then we as jokers can swap our wigs. So whoosh, I lifted his hairpiece from his head. And then his name is also Harig …! It was funny. “

Harig managed: “I love spontaneous things. That was an action including a photo for eternity! I will never forget this encounter with Marita. She really got people excited. And that in the afternoon. From zero to one hundred! “

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