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Mario Ross died of COVID-19: the former oil leader who sought to replace Carlos Romero Deschamps

The former union leader (center) died on December 31, 2020 due to COVID-19 (Photo: @ TATAHUILO2)
The former union leader (center) died on December 31, 2020 due to COVID-19 (Photo: @ TATAHUILO2)

The former leader of section 44 of the Union of Petroleum Workers of the Mexican Republic (STPRM), Mario Ross García, died in Mexico City last December 31 due to a picture of pneumonia derived from COVID-19, according to his relatives and close friends.

Through the social network Facebook, Rocío García Gallegos, who said she was one of his relatives, dedicated an emotional farewell message: “I know that God is great and puts us many tests, today we start the year with sad news. Uncle, you got ahead of us, rest in peace, next to my aunt “, wrote.

Some versions state that Ross García was looking for the leadership of the Union of Oil Workers of the Mexican Republic, after the resignation of Carlos Romero Deschamps, in November 2019.

On that occasion, he assured that in December 2018 he was elected in a collegiate assembly by most sections of the oil union, but he was waiting for the Judicial Power to resolve so that they would give him his note as secretary general of that union expression.

File image (Photo: REUTERS / Edgard Garrido)
File image (Photo: REUTERS / Edgard Garrido)

On December 19, 2019, Mario Ross declared himself the general secretary of the trade union organization, after being favored with a federal protection to be able to receive, from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the note taking.

It should be noted that Ross García was not the only member proposed to lead the STPRM, because in July 2019, Sergio Carlos Morales Quintana, assured that the Extraordinary National Convention selected him as the general secretary of the union, but his leadership was not validated.

In accordance with Millennium, Mario Ross passed away while continuing to seek justice for his son Mario Rubicel Ross, who has been missing since September 22, 2016.

The contagions and deaths from COVID-19 in Mexico are unstoppable

File image (Photo: PEDRO PARDO / AFP)
File image (Photo: PEDRO PARDO / AFP)

According to data from the federal Ministry of Health with a cutoff of January 1, 2021, 11,091 new infections were reported, as well as 700 deaths caused by COVID-19, a disease caused by the Sars-Cov-2 virus, in the country.

That way, until the 216th day of the new normal, 1,437,185 accumulated confirmed cases and 126,507 deaths have been registered caused by the new coronavirus disease.

The new classification of the epidemic risk semaphore will be announced on January 4, 2021. Until then, five entities are on high alert for the contagion of COVID-19. Although Baja California, Mexico City and the State of Mexico were initially included in this category, on December 23 the state of Morelos and, later, Guanajuato were added.

Similarly, 22 entities are in orange, 3 in yellow, as well as Chiapas and Campeche with the lowest level of risk (green).

However, it was reported that the states of Sonora, Zacatecas, Querétaro, Aguascalientes and Hidalgo are under close surveillance due to having a higher score in the orange category.

The health authorities also reported the existence of 407,709 total suspected cases, as well as a total of 1,808,703 negatives and 3,653,597 people. On the other hand, to date 1,083,768 people have been discharged after recovering from the disease.


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