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Marine Le Pen: Wants to give up her party leadership before the presidential election

The right-wing populist Marine Le Pen wants to run again as a candidate in the presidential election in France in 2022. In preparation for this, she has now announced that she will be relinquishing the chairmanship of her party “Rassemblement National” (formerly “Front National”).

Le Pen justified this in an interview with the monthly newspaper “L’Incorrect” by saying that she not only wanted to represent her party in the upcoming election campaign – but “all those who want to lead the national struggle”. In the previous election, she made it to the runoff election, where she was defeated by the current incumbent Emmanuel Macron.

As early as February, Le Pen had emphasized that she wanted to be the “candidate of all French”. According to number two of the “Rassemblement National”, Jordan Bardella, Le Pen will resign as party leader “probably after the summer”. Bardella is considered a favorite to succeed him at the top of the party.

In the interview, Le Pen described her chances of winning the election in spring 2022 as greater than ever. In fact, according to a recent survey for the broadcaster BFM-TV, almost every second Frenchman believes that the 52-year-olds will win against Macron.

Le Pen attacks the president almost every day, be it because of the corona pandemic or his refugee policy. Under the slogan “French, wake up!” Le Pen promotes a ban on immigration and a “patriotic” economic policy.

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