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Maribel Holguín: The first Juarense nurse to be vaccinated against Covid-19

Salvador Castro
The Juarez Journal

Friday, December 25, 2020 | 17:27

Juarez City.– Maribel Holguín Lucero was the first nurse from Juarez to be vaccinated against Covid-19, since she currently works at the Hospital General Regional 1 Querétaro of the Mexican Insurance Institute (IMSS), where this Thursday began the immunization of health sector personnel.

The start of the vaccination against Covid-19 at the national level was headed by the general director of the IMSS, Zoé Robledo, where the health sector personnel were concentrated in the Fourth Armored Reconnaissance Regiment of the 17th Military Zone, in that state.

In Mexico the biological will be free and voluntary for the open population, assured this Thursday the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell Ramírez, who assured that the objective of starting the vaccination this Thursday 24th on the 208th day was achieved. of the so-called new normal.

And Holguín Lucero is among the nurses chosen among the hospital staff for rendering their professional services in the area of ​​Intensive Care.

“I come from a family of nurses and I am very happy that my colleagues and I from the hospital received the vaccine,” she said in an interview via telephone.

He said that one of his sisters who works as a nurse at the IMSS in Ciudad Juárez was infected and overcame the disease, although she still suffers from some consequences of the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus.

Holguín Lucero, who has already established her residence in Querétaro, pointed out that in addition to her sister she has a cousin who is also a nurse and also another of her cousins ​​is a doctor and her mother is a retired nurse

“I was very happy on Thursday morning when they told us that they would give us the vaccine; They had given us a list of 30 people, but no one from the service where I am was included and finally they decided yes, because we are in Intensive Care at the hospital. We enter the Covid area two to three times a week, ”she commented.

He pointed out that they were taken into account and the entire team he works with was vaccinated.

He mentioned that initially they were told that the personnel in Mexico City and Coahuila would be vaccinated, then it was extended to Querétaro, since they are in an alarming situation because the cases of contagion are increasing a lot.

“Hospitals are becoming saturated and apart from that we are already treating patients from Mexico City who cannot find a place there. We have few personnel, few ventilators and an increase in cases, so our work has increased a lot, but this is not the time to say I am getting off here, ”said the Juarense nurse, very committed to her profession.

Querétaro is one of the six states that are analyzing returning to the red light when registering spikes in infections, until this Thursday they maintained a hospital occupation of 52 percent and most of the patients were treated at the IMSS.

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