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Maribel Guardia dazzles with a tight printed outfit perfect for this spring

Maribel Guardia is one of the most loved and admired actresses in show business. And, in his 60s, shows an enviable figure.

The charming actress has also become popular on social networks where she sets trends with spectacular outfits and fun personality.

Maribel guard always find a way to surprise to his millions of followers and this time has not been the exception. In her last Instagram post, the artist once again dazzled with her beauty, toned figure and good taste in fashion.

Maribel Guardia dazzles with a tight printed outfit

We are already wrapping up spring and getting ready to welcome summer and Maribel Guardia has posed with a dazzling patterned outfit perfect for the season.

It is a garment in two pieces with green and pink lines. The upper part is made of straps that reveal her toned arms, while the lower part is loose skirt-type pants that look fresh, comfortable and elegant at the same time.

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The actress paired her outfit with brand-new platform shoes and a sobering phrase: “Not speaking ill of anyone is the best way to speak well of yourself”Maribel expressed.

The image gained in a few minutes more than 52 thousand likes and exceeded 500 comments.

“Very beautiful … You are an example of beauty …”, “I love you, Maribel. Never stop shining”, “You can not be more beautiful in this life”, “Always wasting elegance and a body that many of us would like to have” and “You are adorable, never change your way of being”, were some of the expressions of the fans before the beautiful combination that the actress wore to seduce her followers.

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