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Maria Ressa and Dmitri Muratow – Nobel Peace Prize goes to two journalists

The Filipino journalist Maria Ressa (58) and the Russian journalist Dmitri Muratow (59) were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

This was decided by a five-member committee that is determined by the Norwegian Parliament and has been awarding the award since it was founded in 1901.

Ressa and Muratow received the award for their efforts to uphold freedom of expression, which is a prerequisite for democracy and lasting peace, said the chairman of the committee, Berit Reiss-Andersen, at the announcement in Oslo. Her award is intended to underline the importance of protecting freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

In 1993, Dmitri Muratov founded the independent newspaper “Novaja Gazeta”. He was honored because he “has been defending freedom of expression in Russia for decades under increasingly difficult conditions,” writes the committee in its explanatory statement.

Investigative journalist Maria Ressa, on the other hand, “uses freedom of expression to expose abuse of power, violence and the growing authoritarianism in her home country, the Philippines.” and its brutal drug war, which has resulted in thousands of deaths so far.

In 2020 the United Nations World Food Program received an award.

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The Nobel Prizes are endowed again this year with ten million Swedish kronor (around 980,000 euros) per category. They are traditionally awarded on December 10th, the anniversary of Nobel’s death. The Nobel Peace Prize is the only Nobel Prize that is not awarded in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. Instead, recipients are awarded in the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

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