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María Félix was a faithful lover of flared skirts for this reason

Remember a Maria Felix is to bring to mind one of the mmost elegant women of her time, so their style keys they continue to cross all the barriers of time to this day. The flared skirts they were a constant in her outfits, as also happened with other classic garments such as the blouse with a bow, the black pants and her desire to mark her waist at all costs to be able to say that a set was complete.

In addition to the films of María Félix, we remember The Doña for his phrases and, of course, for his sophisticated style, which was generally crowned by ostentatious pearl or diamond designs. It seems that the passage of time has made us appreciate in a better way the elements for which he opted to build his character, especially when we talk about sophistication when it comes to dressing, without necessarily being gala attire.

To honor her motto: ‘It is not enough to be pretty, you have to know how to be’, she knew what to choose for look flawless at every moment of your life. One of the ways in which he managed to specify looks elegant was with the flared skirts, that French design evokes the dreamy shape of the hem of the white dress with which the Mexican actress walked through Plaza de San Marcos, Valencia in 1959.

How is the flared skirt?

If in doubt, copying the style tricks to look elegant like María Félix is ​​a safe bet. The skirts They have been one of the oldest garments of civilization, if we remember that they were a basic of Ancient Egypt, but over the years these have been reinterpreted in their search to remain current. Thus, their shapes, lengths, textures and how tight or loose they are from the body have varied.

The interpreter of ‘La china poblana‘was born in 1914, a year after the father of Haute Couture, Charles Frederick Worth I would have reinterpreted this garment to make it flatter in the front and with volume in the back. The following years were key to a more modern evolution, such as the models staggered or tubular, which were some with which Hollywood icons such as Grace Kelly built their careers.

Between different models with increased volume and midi cut that sneak into the trends from time to time, the flared skirts they were one of the favorites of the diva of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. These were born around the beginning of 1915 where women for the first time showed part of their legs in public with designs of different shapes and patterns.

The word that comes from French means flared o de Wide boot, which respects its shape that is cinched towards the waist and becomes large as in ‘A’ shape at the end. This design has triumphed since its invention countless times for its classic cut and retro airs which is so captivating to frame the feminine. The reason for its predilection is also clear because it is one of the most flattering silhouettes for all, regardless of your constitution or your height.

A simple tip that you can turn to to get the best out of it is choose the length depending on whether you are tall or petite. If you’re short then the most advisable thing is that don’t wear it below the kneeas it could cause an unflattering visual effect. If this is not your case then take advantage of the trends in maxi skirts midi cuts, which is a favorite for 2021.

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