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María Félix and the story behind the luxury necklace she commissioned from Cartier

From the neck of Maria Felix hang two crocodiles that come together in front of your chin. One of them, the one painted green, is covered in esmeraldas; the other has embedded yellow diamonds. These luxury pieces designed to order in 1975 by Cartier and could be worn by ‘La Doña’ in this way or individually as brooches. Just as her character is a legend, so is the story behind this special request she made to the luxury jewelry factory.

María Félix is ​​one of the most famous Mexican actresses in history and off screen she was also the muse of writers, designers and singers. His face was not only an icon of the time of mexican gold cinema, was also one of the most distinguished in the haute couture in the second half of 1900. Firms like Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga were part of his outfits. And as he demonstrated on multiple occasions, so were this type of accessories that few could have carried with the same security as she did.

Although the crocodile necklace not the only special request he made Maria Felix to one of his favorite brands, the fascination he had for wild animals also covered another request made jewel in the form of snake, one that will remain in the history of its most emblematic jewelry pieces. So much so that for several years it has been exhibited in different galleries around the world for its historical load but also for being a unique and impressive piece.

The history of María Félix’s crocodile necklace

When in doubt, look at María Félix for her style tricks to look elegant forever. Basic garments as one tie shirt or black pants they can be implemented by anyone every day. However, the owner of the phrase: ‘An original woman is not one who does not imitate anyone, but one that no one can imitate’, also resorted to other resources that reflected her personality and adorned their outfits.

The story goes that one day ‘Beautiful Mary’ walked into a store parisian de cartier in 1975 with a crocodile in her arms, it was the mascot of the movie diva. He placed it on a counter and asked to have a exact copy of the animal using only precious stones and metals. The request resulted in not one but two aftershocks. Thus was born one of the most iconic creations of the firm.

Animals, in particular reptiles, was already a reference source of the french house Since the beginning of the 20th century, however, the order has been a challenge for jewelery experts. After the death of the Mexican actress, her jewels were put up for sale and the necklace was acquired again by its creators to become part of their historical archive. This legacy has served as an inspiration to those who have returned on more than one occasion to find collections inspired by this colar.

In 2019, the image director, Pierre Rainero, announced that new designs were being worked on with 14 esmeraldas exceptional from Colombia. Inspired by Maria Felix necklace and in the Egyptian deity Sobek, creator of the Nile (and god of fertility, vegetation and life in mythology), they created a new collection consisting of a necklace, bracelet and earrings that wore more than 2,000 hours of work.

However, the crocodiles were not the only reptiles that adorned the neck of Maria Felix. A few years earlier, in 1968, ‘The Doña ‘, commissioned a piece called ‘Snake Necklace’. Created from platinum, white gold, yellow gold and two emeralds that served as eyes; the shocking piece was composed of 2,473 diamonds and a weight of 178.21 carats. Of course, when wearing it, he wore a shining smile that continues to captivate us.

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