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María de Lourdes Alcívar de Lasso, the first lady arrives in Carondelet to fill her charisma and peace

María de Lourdes de Lasso reaches the presidency of the Republic as first lady, after accompanying her husband, Guillermo Lasso, throughout the political campaign.

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The commitment and charisma that the first lady denotes fills Ecuadorians with hope, many assure that María de Lourdes has a solid family attitude and social commitment.

María de Lourdes and her mother side

Five children, all with his life on track and the last studying his last semesters of university, give him the opportunity to have the free time to carry out his work as first lady in the most committed way.

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Social work has been one of the main characteristics of María de Lourdes. She always accompanies children, youth and adults, who due to various situations in their life, have been totally vulnerable.

Guillermo Lasso and Maria de Lourdes

Together with Guillermo Lasso they have always sponsored several social cases that have united them much more, they share their projects and emotions.

Like the president-elect, María de Lourdes was unable to complete her studies and only has a bachelor’s degree.

Even so, she has been self-taught and a fighter since she started working at a very young age, which has allowed both of them to know the effort and the triumph from below.

Among some of his passions, studying a technological career was his greatest dream, but suddenly the youngest of his children arrived and he postponed this goal for years later.

Wife, mom and influencer

In social networks she works like a professional, since she is very active both on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even on TikTok, whose number of followers on each platform ranges between 18 thousand and 34 thousand followers.

The first lady always shares with her followers and family the most tender moments of her life, one of the facets that we see her enjoy the most is that of being the grandmother of her seven grandchildren.

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As an ‘influencer’, María de Lourdes shares tips, recipes, intimate moments and all full of that charisma that characterizes her.

In addition, she is a faithful believer in the word of God so she always shares prayers and messages that speak of family unity and gratitude.

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