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Marcela Vacarezza shares funny records of her son "copying" in the garden

While in Chile sanitary restrictions keep schools closed, in the United States the situation is different. This was demonstrated by Marcela Vacarezza with a series of photographs, in which gave an account of his youngest son’s activities in the garden.

Through Instagram, the psychologist shared records of the child in the educational facility. Although these caused tenderness on the platform, they also drew attention due to the attitude of Benjamin, who appears looking at the assignments of his classmates.

Marcela Vacarezza took the situation with humor, indicating that your child was good at copying, or may not understand the assignments in English. “Either I was definitely good at copying or I don’t understand the English instructions very much. Hahahaha I love him, ”he said.

The publication caused laughter among Vacarezza followers, who reacted with hilarious messages. “As a good Chilean, good at copying“Commented one woman jokingly, while another noted:”Who did not ever copy, to throw the first stone“.

He is a great observer. He looks first and then he does it. A great, a lot of love for him ”, observed another person. “Hahaha, let’s say you do a preliminary survey and evaluate all the options,” he said.

Benjamin’s arrival in their lives

Let us remember that Marcela Vacarezza’s family referred to Benjamin’s arrival in their lives during a special Univision program, the context of the North American celebration of thanksgiving, or “Thanksgiving Day.”

Sitting in an armchair at their home in Miami, the family said that the first to have contact with little Benjamin was Florencia Araneda, who met him on a visit organized by her school to a home for minors.

We went in and there were like six cribs and everyone was sleeping, but there was one who laughed, played, looked at the ceiling. I stayed there and didn’t leave anymore ”, explained the young woman.

Later, Marcela added that when she saw him, the connection was immediate. “He looked at me with those eyes and I take him in my arms and I thought: this baby is mine“, He said.

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