LOS ANGELES – The last month has been a tough one for Marc Gasol. The Spanish basketball player was off the court with the Angelenos after testing positive for COVID-19. After recovering, he encountered the casualties of LeBron James and Anthony Davis due to injury. Not only that, but on the trade deadline, the Angelenos signed Andre Drummond to start at the center position, leaving Gasol in a backup role.

“I am not plan A right now, I am plan C or D. You have to accept it because it is my job and it is what I committed myself to, but it is never easy to accept. Especially when you’ve asked if you’ve done something wrong and you’re trying to do everything for the team. I don’t care much about the statistics, how many shots I have or rebounds, I try to help everyone, neutralize the rivals. That’s life, I have to take it as a challenge or move on, “said Gasol after the Lakers victory against Sacramento.

Gasol returned to the starting lineup with the Angels on Friday after purple and gold new hire Andre Drummond injured his right toe in his Lakers debut on Wednesday. Gasol is aware that his playing minutes will decrease after the arrival of Andre and this will take him away from the starting lineup.

“That’s life, things change and you have to adapt as quickly as possible,” said the 36-year-old. “When I signed with the team it was to contribute, to help the team, especially the two stars (LeBron and Davis) to help them in their goals and that is to win the championship. That has not changed”.

Gasol had a great night for the Angelenos and was a key player in the victory against Kings. He played for 28 minutes, contributed five units, nine rebounds and six assists, distributing and creating game for his teammates. Last game, he played just six minutes until after Drummond’s injury in the second half.

Gasol does not know what his future will be with the team. “Things can change quickly in the NBA, it has happened to me, now I am committed to the team. Of course, it is a difficult thing to digest, knowing that I will be out of the lineup at some point. It is never easy, as a basketball player you want to be able to participate and contribute ”.

Despite the unknown of the Spanish basketball player regarding his future, the coach Frank Vogel count on him for the group’s plans this season.

“People must understand how great a player Marc Gasol is and how much he helps us. Of course, with the arrival of Andre the depth of the position increases, but we need our best players to try to repeat the championship and Marc is one of them. It is vital for us, ”said the Los Angeles coach.

Frank Vogel added that he wants everyone who can serve at the position – Andre Drummond, Montrezl Harrell and Gasol himself – in important roles with the team. “The situation is that there are great conditionals in that, if they need me,” said Marc.