Mar del Plata: an 11-year-old girl died who fell from the sixth floor of a building


A girl from 11 years died this Tuesday in Mar del Plata after falling from the window of an apartment sixth floor.

According to reports, the girl rushed from the sixth floor of a tower of 12 located on the street Colón at 1800, around the Casino and in front of Plaza Colón.

In principle, the girl she was alone in the apartment when her parents had gone shopping. At one point in the afternoon, and for reasons that have not yet been clarified, fell into an internal courtyard of the building on the first floor.

Police personnel from the second police station and members of the scientific police work at the site, as reported The capital from Mar del Plata.

According to the police report, there were no building problems that could have caused the accident. The girl’s relatives, who live in Mar del Plata, wait at the door of the building, disconsolate.

The case reminds one of three years ago, when a three-year-old Argentine boy died falling from a window, more than eight meters high, in a building in the La Barra spa, close to the Uruguayan city of Punta del Este where he was on vacation with his family.

The event occurred in the building “La Belie Creole”, where the baby was in a unit on the second floor of the building. As it transpired at the time, the boy climbed onto a bed and approached the window, which was open.

The little boy fell and hit the building’s parking lot. His mother ran to the scene and immediately took the boy to the Cantegril sanatorium, where the doctors certified his death.

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