Mar del Plata: a soccer game on the beach ended with a violent fight

Fight during a soccer game on the beach

While thousands of people enjoyed an afternoon in pure sunshine on the beaches of Mar del Plata, a group of people savagely attacked a young man after an argument over a soccer “mince” by the sea.

The embarrassing episode took place in the Las Toscas spa during the afternoon of this Friday. According to the witnesses, the game upset the spirits of many of the vacationers because the young people were occupying too much space and playing with enough momentum.

In fact, a man approached and demanded that they stop bothering and take into account that the beach was too crowded to play that way. The young people did not heed their demands and continued with the game.

However, minutes later They knocked down an elderly woman who was walking through the place with a ball, which once again inflamed some tourists.

“They threw the lady on the floor and no one who was playing took care of it. The bathtub came to ask them to stop playing like that, so gross, but they also rebuked the bathtub “, one of the witnesses of the fight related to the chronicler of C5N.

Following the intervention of the lifeguard, the young people who were playing became angry with the man who had previously asked them to stop bothering and attacked him with punches and kicks. The images of the fight went viral on social networks. You can clearly see how he is beaten by several when he falls to the floor before the astonished gaze of the rest of the tourists. Even a woman participated in the beating.

“They were 6 or 7 against only one”, detailed the same witness, whose son had also participated in the “picadito”. When the police finally arrived at the scene, the dispute was over. No one was injured and the rest of the tourists were able to continue enjoying the sun.

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