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Map of the coronavirus in Mexico January 3: CDMX, Edomex, Nuevo León and Guanajuato, the hot spots of the epidemic with the most active cases

(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)
(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)

With 334 new deaths and 6,359 cases registered in the last 24 hours, Mexico reached a total of 126,851 deaths and 1,443,544 accumulated infections from COVID-19, according to the federal Ministry of Health.

Through the official account of the Ssa, it was reported that to date there are 1,816,687 accumulated negative cases and a total of 3,662,239 people studied since the pandemic reached the national territory.

According to the update of the daily technical report, at the moment there are 57,998 active cases of the disease, that is, the patients who presented symptoms of coronavirus in the last 14 days (December 20 to January 2, 2021) and that if they do not comply with all health measures, could potentially contribute to the transmission of the virus.

(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)
(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)

In that sense, Mexico City is the entity with the highest number of active cases (25,364), followed by Mexico state (5,868), then New Lion (3,602), Guanajuato (3,252), Jalisco (2,422), Tabasco (1,843), Querétaro (1,601), Puebla (1,501), Coahuila (1,281) and Baja California Sur (1,005); together they account for more than two thirds (82%) of the active infections in the country.

By contrast, Chiapas and Campeche They are the states that concentrate the least amount of active cases, 79 and 54, respectively, one of the indicators that allows them to be on a green epidemiological traffic light.

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It is worth mentioning that the new classification of the epidemic risk semaphore will be announced on January 4, 2021. Until then, five entities are on high alert for the contagion of COVID-19: Baja California, Mexico City, State of Mexico, Morelos and Guanajuato.

Similarly, 22 entities are in orange; Tamaulipas, Sinaloa and Veracruz in yellow; as well as Chiapas and Campeche with the lowest level of risk. On the other hand, the states of Sonora, Zacatecas, Querétaro, Aguascalientes and Hidalgo they are under surveillance, since they are the states that remain at risk of returning to red.

(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)
(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)

Regarding deaths, there are 17,754 suspected of COVID-19 which include the pending by laboratory (3,510) and those that are in the process of association-clinical-epidemiological judgment (14,244) in SISVER.

The distribution by sex in confirmed deaths shows a predominance of 63% in men, while the median age of deaths is 64 years.

In this sense, the CMexico City, the State of Mexico, Veracruz, Jalisco, Puebla, Baja California, Guanajuato, Nuevo León, Chihuahua and Sinaloa They are ranked as the 10 entities that have registered the highest number of deaths and that together represent more than half (62.4%) of all those in the country.

Under this panorama, it should be remembered that Mexico is the fourth country in the world with the most deaths from the pandemic, only behind the United States, Brazil and India, according to the Johns Hopkins University tally.

(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)
(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)

On hospital availability, according to the last press conference held last December 30, nationwide there is a total occupation of 49%: 50% general and 43% intensive therapy.

By state, the Mexico City maintains 88% of occupied beds; it is followed by the State of Mexico with 82%; Hidalgo with 74%: and Nuevo León with 70%.

While in beds with a ventilator for the most critical patients due to the disease, the capital of the country also leads the highest occupation, with 83%; Edomex with 78%; Baja California with 63%; Nuevo León with 58%; and Hidalgo with 52%.

(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)
(Graphic: Jovani Pérez)


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