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Mansions, cars and a millionaire fortune: how Bill Gates and his wife would divide the assets

Through a joint statement, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda confirmed that they would divorce after 27 years of marriage, in which they managed to form a family of three children and accumulate wealth amounting to 130 billion dollars.

In fact, the name of the philanthropist is associated not only with the world of technology, since he is the founder of the Microsoft company, but also that of finance since Forbes rankings place him as the fourth richest man in the world.

Under this panorama, a very costly separation is sure to be fought over the next few months for so many goods that both have reaped at stake.

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This is how Bill Gates and his wife would divide their fortune

Bill Gates, 65, and Melina, 56, made up one of the most stable couples in the business, especially because they saw each other working on one of their great passions: helping others. In fact, now that their separation was known, they clarified that both will retain their foundation.

However, the outlook does not seem as clear for the rest of the assets and fortune in between. The businessman saves 130,500 million dollars and there is no prenuptial agreement involved, according Hello, so that the division would be in equal parts.

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For this, they must reach a separation agreement that has not yet been given. as your case is expected to go to court in 2022, but means like People affirm that the author and philanthropist will not require a compensatory pension.

Likewise, they would have to agree on the fate of their various real estate properties: Bill Gates and his family own residences in Florida and California, counting the main one in Lake Washington in Medina, Seattle, valued at about $ 125 million.

They have an art collection, a luxury vehicle collection, and a private plane, plus 1% of Microsoft, valued at 26 billion dollars, according to the same media.

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