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“Mangona pandemics and profits with vaccines”, Victor Trujillo attacks AMLO again

Leaving the clown behind Brozo, Victor Trujillo he launched against the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador for “profiting politically with vaccines” of COVID-19 and openly asked to vote against Morena in 2021.

“The president wants to be a cabinet, congress, judge and party, spiritual force, editorial line, central bank, party leader, electoral authority and commander of his own military junta. Mangonea pandemics and profits politically with vaccinations. That is why 2021 is so important, “Trujillo said on his Twitter account.

Due to this, the communicator became a trend in said social network under the hashtag #TeamBrozo and # VictorTrujillo, in which public opinion is divided, since one part supports his criticism and another questions him for his attitude and lack of credibility.

Controversy on Channel 11

The controversy surrounding Víctor Trujillo’s statements intensified after Stephanie Veloz, collaborator of Canal 11, qualify the communicator as a “vagabond clown” and the best representative of the “reactionary opposition.”

The activist’s statements took place when she spoke about a ranking of reactionaries in Mexico in 2020 during her segment “Bad faith” in the program “In good faith”, Broadcast on public television.

“The bad faith of the reactionaries in Mexico has led them to use multiple disguises in order to gain a place in public discussion. Sometimes they have presented themselves as expert epidemiologists, other times as human rights defenders … and when their imagination runs out, they slip into their most natural skin, that of tramp clownFor them there is no better representative than the comedian or journalist, Víctor Trujillo, better known as Brozo ”, he pointed out.

Veloz’s statements generated various criticisms because many interpreted it as the use of a government channel, such as Channel 11, to attack critics of the government headed Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

For his part, Víctor Trujillo responded with irony, assuring that it is an honor “to deserve an editorial piece in one of the preponderant spaces of what was once the educational and cultural television of my country.”

It should be remembered that just a few weeks ago the journalist was involved in a similar controversy after he was criticized for his words against President López Obrador during his program “Tenebrozo”, in the string LatinUs.

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