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Man falls out of the house – Christina (21) saw the man fall into the depths

The BMW saved his life …

Jersey City – In Jersey City (US state New Jersey) a man apparently had several guardian angels: The 31-year-old fell nine floors from a skyscraper, crashed into the roof of a black BMW 330i – and miraculously survived.

The incident, which occurred on Wednesday at 10:20 a.m. local time, was observed by several eyewitnesses. And they really couldn’t believe what happened after the fall: The man got up and asked: “What happened?” – that’s how eyewitness Christina Smith (21) describes it to BILD. “They fell,” she replied.

The 21-year-old woman finally called 911, whereupon an ambulance took the man to the hospital. According to a Jersey City spokeswoman, the 31-year-old was still in critical condition on Friday. However, everyone agrees: this man’s survival is an absolute miracle.

The police now want to clarify whether the fall was a suicide attempt or a life-threatening accident. In addition, the man should receive psychological help.

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