Mallorca: Corona travel warning gone – vacation possible again?


Vacation in Mallorca: Corona travel warning lifted

Mallorca no longer designated as a corona risk area

Mallorca and other areas of Spain are no longer designated as a corona risk area. This was announced by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The same applies to some regions in Portugal and Denmark.

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Mallorca is no longer considered a corona risk area. The travel warning is also lifted. TUI is still sending a warning to vacationers.


  • German tourists in particular are sorely missed in Mallorca
  • That could change now: The Robert Koch Institute no longer classifies the Balearic Island as a risk area
  • The Foreign Office has also reacted: It is lifting the travel warning for parts of Spain
  • Europe’s largest travel company welcomes the decision – but sends a request to vacationers

It is a postcard setting: in the background the shimmering blue Mediterranean Sea. The sun shines in the sky from between the white clouds. A light breeze moves the leaves of the palm trees on the promenade in Palma de Mallorca. Who doesn’t feel like doing such scenes, that Lockdown Escape to the home and relax on the beach by the Corona permanent crisis to recover? Read here: Travel warnings are no longer applicable – these trips are possible at Easter.

Mallorca is already waiting for you ”, lures Francina Armengol the corona-weary European vacationers. After months of fighting the virus, the island is again a “safe target”, assures the 49-year-old head of government Balearic Islands. Armengol chose a special place for their good news: the roof of the Congress Palace in Palma de Mallorca, which offers a breathtaking view over the bay.

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Mallorca: tough corona rules have reduced the number of infections

In lofty heights, Armengol gave the new start to the international tourism known in Mallorca. The holiday business is expected to start again as early as the Easter break. The travel groups such as Europe’s largest tour operator TUI are already reporting increasing booking numbers and want to restart their programs. “We are responding to the wishes of our vacationers and are planning to enable Easter holidays in Mallorca,” says TUI Germany boss Marek Andryszak.

Various German airlines have now also reacted: Lufthansa has already announced that it will offer more flights from Germany to Mallorca. Eurowings wants to expand its offer to include up to 325 weekly flight connections from airports in Germany and Great Britain to Palma de Mallorca. Does that mean that vacationing on the Balearic Island is possible again?

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Mallorca is fighting against Corona: Strict rules bring success

Because in December and January Mallorca was still one of the Spanish corona hotspots. But thanks to tough corona rules, the Mallorcans managed to significantly reduce the number of infections. Today is the Vacation island with a 7-day incidence of 22 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, there is a lot better than Germany and most other European countries.

This is also registered in Germany: on Friday there was Robert Koch Institute (RKI) known, the Balearic Islands, to which the island of Mallorca belongs, no more than Corona-Risikogebiet to classify. The same applies to other regions in Spain as well as parts of Portugal and Denmark. The Foreign Office also reacted and lifted the travel warning for the Balearic Islands and other regions in Spain with effect from March 14th.

TUI calls on vacationers to behave appropriately

Europe’s largest tour operator TUI has welcomed the relaxation of travel restrictions for Mallorca and other popular destinations and urged vacationers to deal responsibly with the regained freedom of travel. “We are pleased that we can again offer trips to the most popular holiday destination for Germans,” said TUI Germany boss Marek Andryszak to our editorial team. Due to the travel warning, the demand for vacation travel has so far been cautious. “With the travel warning dropped, the greatest uncertainty factor has now disappeared,” he said.

The travel company now wants to bring the season open to March 21st and plan additional flights. “For the following weeks we will – depending on the development of demand – offer additional capacities,” said the TUI manager.

Vacation during the corona pandemic: TUI manager warns

At the same time, Andryszak urged travelers to behave responsibly in the Vacation areas. “We recommend our guests to behave calmly on Mallorca and to respect their newly won freedoms. In doing so, they ensure that the freedoms remain, “he told our editorial team:” They should stay away from celebrations and large crowds. “

Vacationers must be in Spain continue to submit a negative PCR test. Andryszak spoke out in favor of maintaining the mandatory test. “This gives the travelers security and we can prove that the package holiday is not an infection driver.” This could also be done with antigen tests.

Mallorca is hoping for many vacationers from Germany

The holidaymakers are expected on Mallorca: “We are the Mediterranean destination with the lowest incidence of infection,” says Armengol. “And we want to be a leading one again this year Travel destination Mallorca has been the most popular holiday island in Europe for years. But in the 2020 corona year, the island, which lives from tourism, experienced the worst influx of visitors in history: instead of the usual 12 million holidaymakers, only two million holidaymakers came.

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Everything should get better in 2021: In view of the very low number of infections, President Armengol expects that Germany, the most important tourist market, will lift the travel warning for Mallorca before Easter. This would also mean, for example, the home Quarantine obligation no longer apply to German returnees from Mallorca. However, the compulsory PCR test for Mallorca visitors will probably remain in place for a longer period of time. Because the holiday island wants to avoid a virus relapse by all means.

The corona test can be booked with many tour operators

The negative corona test must be presented on arrival at the airport in Palma and must not be older than 72 hours. The airlines demand that Test width usually already when checking in at the home airport.

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The corona analysis can be booked at the same time with many tour operators. In addition, all international air travelers must submit a form in the “Spain Travel Health Portal” Health control fill in, which generates a QR code that must be presented upon entry.

However, those who come to Mallorca over Easter will also be reminded there that the corona pandemic has not yet been overcome. There is still a total mask requirement on the island. Even outdoors when there are no other people around. The mask must also apply to the gastronomic Outdoor terraces to be used. You can only be “topless” when you are consuming drinks and food.

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Mallorca: restaurants and bars are open

Beer gardens and terraces of bars and restaurants have only recently opened again, but only until five in the afternoon and with a third of the usual capacity. Lunch is therefore possible in the outdoor area of ​​the restaurants, dinner currently not. In addition, there is a nightly curfew from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.

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By the way: Foreign Easter vacationers with a negative corona test are also allowed to enter the Canary Islands and mainland Spain, said Spain’s Minister of Health Carolina Darias. Although the weekly Coronainzidenz there with values ​​between 60 (Canary Islands) to 100 (Madrid) is significantly higher than on Mallorca.

While international tourists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Luxembourg are on one Easter holidays in Spain, Spanish tourists are left behind. The national health authorities imposed a strict travel ban on them. Many Spaniards are correspondingly angry because they are only allowed to move within their residential area during the Easter holidays.

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