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Mallada points out that Galicia lost three times less population than Asturias

Oviedo, Apr 10 (EFE) .- The president of the PP of Asturias, Teresa Mallada, stated this Saturday that young Asturians “continue to leave by the thousands” by not “offering them opportunities”, so “drama continues to increase” since “Almost 7 out of 10 are inactive”, and he stressed that in Galicia “three times less population was lost in 2019 than Asturias”.

In addition, as he stressed, “the pandemic has shot up to 60.7% the inactivity rate of young people in Asturias, which is the largest youth workforce in the country.”

In an act of the party in Oviedo on the demographic challenge, in which the Regional Minister for Social Policy of Galicia, Fabiola García, Mallada, also participated, made a comparison between the policies of the Asturian socialist government and those of the Xunta that, according to has remarked, they are already beginning to “bear fruit”.

He has indicated that the population loss is a problem that affects the two communities of the Spanish northwest, but, as he has asserted, “it has been faced in a very different way” and less population has been lost.

“While in Galicia you have been adopting measures that help curb demographic bleeding for many years, in Asturias, with each passing year, our demographic data get worse,” Mallada lamented.

It has valued the Demographic Impulse law that the Xunta published on February 9, while in Asturias not a single one has been made known, neither from the Government of Adrián Barbón, nor from the commissioner for the demographic challenge that it created at the beginning. of this legislature “.

In his opinion, “Asturias needs Barbón to focus on addressing many problems that remain unsolved in the region, including the demographic problem because it is essential” and has criticized that the President of the Principality has stopped governing to focus on managing the health crisis.

Among the measures promoted by the PP for the demographic challenge is fiscal support for families and conciliation, personal income tax deductions for the birth of children, for childcare or for domestic or childcare expenses, specific aid so that the self-employed can enjoy their maternity and paternity leave, reduced working hours for the care of children or dependents.

For its part, the Galician Ministry of Social Policy has highlighted that the demographic challenge is a “priority” for the different governments of the Xunta in recent years and has especially highlighted the latest Galician law that integrates the demographic perspective in the Budgets transversally, and requires accompanying bills and decrees with an analysis of their demographic impact.

The new regulation facilitates the signing of collaboration agreements with financial institutions to facilitate access to credit for the self-employed and companies for their growth and establishment in Galicia and includes measures to support the family, employment, entrepreneurship, youth, the formation.

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