Wrinkles and dark circles appear over the years, and you should not be ashamed of them, as they are part of your natural beauty.

However, from time to time, it is not bad to disguise them to look fresher, and take a few years off yourself.

And for this, nothing better than a good makeup that helps you enhance your beauty, and the best thing is that it is very easy to achieve with a few tricks.

Makeup tricks to hide wrinkles and dark circles and take a few years off of yourself

Light up your look

To hide dark circles and rejuvenate, it is necessary to give light to your look, and you can achieve it in simple steps.

First apply a primer or primer for the eyes, to hide dark circles and wrinkles and make the shadows last longer.

Then apply a good highlighter, and lastly, put mascara on the lashes, and line only the part above the eye.

In the lower part of the tear duct, use a white eyeliner to give it more depth.

Also, use shadows in warm tones that make the skin look warm and young.

Makeup for a fresh face

The first thing you should do is use a base that also protects you from the sun’s rays, and that is a shade lighter than your skin, with a satin finish for a young and fresh face.

Then use highlighter on the cheeks for a fresh and delicate peach-like touch.

And also outline your brows in a soft way with a brown tone to achieve a natural and less accentuated style.

Conceal expression lines with attractive lips

The lips are very important and say a lot about you, and the first thing you should know is that the healthier they look, the younger and more attractive you will look.

So try applying home remedies or natural oils to keep them from cracking and looking perfect.

Nothing better to look rejuvenated and hide the expression lines that form around the lips such as the line that forms between the mouth and the chin horizontally or the Martian line, which is the one that forms from the lower area of ​​the nose, to the sides of the mouth, than a good makeup.

The best way to get rid of a few years and hide the lines than to outline them with a pencil of the same lip color, it can even be lighter, but not darker.

And then apply the lipstick from the center out and finish by applying a little gold glitter to the center of the lower lip to illuminate them.

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