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Makeup trends to look fresh and young in the summer

Makeup is an important part of our image, and although we look beautiful naturally, many times we want to dazzle and enhance our beauty.

There are some trends that will dominate in the summer and will make you look rejuvenated, modern and fresh, so you should join them.

Makeup trends to look fresh and young in the summer

Natural skin

Natural skin makeup with a lot of shine is one of the trends for the summer that will allow you to look beautiful and rejuvenated.

For this makeup it is important that you have clean and hydrated skin to achieve a fresh and impressive effect.

To achieve this, you must apply a light foundation to cover your imperfections and improve your skin tone, and use concealer for dark circles.

Finish with a blush that is as natural as possible and cream for a natural finish, comb your brows, apply a nude shadow and apply mascara.

Smokey eyes pasteles

The smokey eyes will be worn in the summer in pastel tones, to create a soft, blurred and very romantic color effect.

You will only need a little depth when doing the smokey eyes to make the eyes bigger, and it will look great on women of any skin type and age.

Bold lips

For the summer, vibrant and daring lips will predominate, letting the nudes tones rest.

Shades like pink, red, or orange, will be perfect to wear in the season and will help you steal your eyes, dazzle and rejuvenate.

Fluffy eyebrows

The eyebrows are an important part of our appearance and the best way to wear them to look young and fresh is fluffy.

The more populated and larger, the better they will make you look and give you a youthful and natural image, and for this you must comb them up, apply a gel and fill in the gaps with a brush.

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