Macron loses bet against Youtube stars McFly & Carlito

French President Emmanuel Macron
Image: EPA

The French President wants to invite two Youtubers to the Elysée Palace after losing a bet against them. McFly & Carlito didn’t do anything different than usual – shot a YouTube video.

McFly & Carlito are the names of two French YouTube stars whom French President Emmanuel Macron challenged to an unusual bet. The comedian duo should shoot a video clip on the pandemic protection rules and win at least ten million viewers. No sooner said than done, within 48 hours the Youtubers with real names David Cosas and Raphael Carlier cleared the ten million hurdle.

Michaela Wiegel

Under the heading “Je me souviens” (“I remember”), they mock their sometimes negligent handling of the mask requirement, hand disinfection and ventilation requirements. The final point is formed by two uniformed policemen who give McFly and Carlito a fine of 135 euros each for taking off their protective mask while singing.

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“We’ll go to the Elysee Palace anyway”

“But we’re doing this on behalf of the President of the Republic,” defends the Youtuber, whereupon the policewoman unmoved: “And my name is Brigitte Macron.” Macron hopes to win the younger generations over to infection control via the YouTube channel. Lost bet, saved life, is his equation.

But now he has to keep his promise to invite McFly & Carlito to an anecdote quiz in the Elysée Palace. Playing with celebrities telling from their past is extremely popular with younger French people. McFly & Carlito then have to guess whether the anecdotes are real or fictional.

As the two Youtubers said, they have no illusions about the president’s campaigning intentions. “We’re not going to be pulled to the political cart,” said McFly. “But we’re going to the Elysee Palace anyway,” said Carlito, the son of the famous French chanson writer and show master Guy Carlier.

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