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Macri is still obsessed with quarantine | No reg …

He former President Mauricio Macri he also sent his New Years greeting, following the particular argument that the toughest sector of the opposition has been clinging to. According to this analysis, Argentina suffered “the effects of the pandemic and the quarantine” equally, although it devoted more time to lamenting the latter. For the former president, the quarantine was one of the “longest and most destructive in the world” because “many lost their jobs, before an officialism that dedicated itself to preaching fear and more fear, exercising its authority, its power and criticizing society for the increase of cases “.

In an audio message of almost six minutes, published on his Instagram account, Macri sent his message as a balance of the year, with two focused criticisms: the government of Alberto Fernández, and the quarantine.

Without registering that the ASPO ended and that in the current DISPO period there were many openings, he insisted that the quarantine leaves consequences “not only because of the millions of Argentines who lost their jobs, but also because of the psychological, educational and health consequences of other pathologies, for example cardiological, oncological, diabetic, not treated in time “.

In addition, he pointed out that “the year had started for many with the logical expectation before a new government.” And he assured: “We ourselves, as opposition, offered him help in the transition and we supported him in the things that we believed were worthwhile. That optimism, however, was diluted.” And although that country is currently closing its borders due to the alarming resurgence of cases, put Uruguay as an example, where, he said, the activities “were never prohibited.”

“We want to live in peace, with respect, with work, in freedom, without lies or abuses, and we are willing to fight for the country we love,” Macri said in his campaign style.

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