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Macías, “without haste, but without pause”

Before thinking about Europe, Macías must first regain ownership of his team and respond with goals to the expectations placed on him

Every time a young Mexican stands out in the MX League, the debate is unleashed at the first exchange, rightly or not, about whether he should rush his options to go play European football.

Such is the case of José Juan Macías, who although he is not having the best of his tournaments with Chivas, he continues to have the spotlight as he is a possible “export product” to the old continent.

It gives me the impression that the boy is not fully consolidated in the first division and, therefore, he lacks the famous “five for the weight” to think about making the leap in quality in his new and incipient career in professionalism.

As they say around “No hurry, but no pause”, Macías must first regain ownership of his team and then respond with goals to the expectations placed on him and by him.

Let him see himself in the mirror of his compatriots Edson Álvarez and Diego Lainez, who at the first change and with various facets in their game to polish, flew to Europe and, after 2 years in the Netherlands and Spain, suffer too much for having minutes with Ajax and Betis, respectively.

Another aspect that can make your exit difficult is the sale price that Guadalajara puts you. Due to the economic crisis caused by the Covid, which plagues the world and therefore football teams, paying more than 10 million euros for José Juan seems unlikely.

The issue is specific because with the same money European viewers or scouts can buy an Argentine and a Brazilian, whether we like it or not, they have a better bill than the Mexicans.

In my humble opinion, I think that Sebastián Córdova, César Montes and Carlos Rodríguez fall down when they are mature to make the leap and also without hindrance from America and Monterrey when it comes to doing the business.

We will be attentive to what happens with José Juan Macías, who should not look down on staying with Chivas for another tournament to consolidate himself and, now, in 2022, with the Qatar World Cup on the horizon, fulfill his dream of playing in a larger league.

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