Macedonio and not Eréndira’s brother. Good for 4T, lousy for Guerrero

The 4T will already find a formula to neutralize Don Macedonio, and compensate for the misfortune of 3.5 million people from Guerrero. Pure enduring town.

Sabina Berman write very good articles in The universal when he is not in dispute with the intellectual John M. Ackerman and with the billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego.

And how does she write when they put her in the ring, sometimes at the same time, the husband of the owner of the Public function and the owner of TV Azteca and Elektra? With the boxing gloves posts Doña Sabina is also an excellent columnist.

Mrs. Berman publishes this Sunday in The universal the secret story of how Salgado removed Sandoval’s candidacy. In Guerreroyes.

I summarize what the star collaborator of the newspaper of Juan Francisco Ealy Ortiz:

Brunette, that is to say, Mario Delgado, made a survey in Guerrero. To select the candidate for governor, let’s not forget.

Félix Salgado Macedonio won. And, not to mention, the favorite — it was for me, because of his relationships in in Q4—, Amílcar Sandoval, was in sixth place. Demoscopically, Mrs. Berman clarifies, this means that the brother of the Secretary of Public Function, of course brother-in-law of Don John Ackerman, only “His grandmother and two cousins ​​preferred him, no one else”.

√ Mario Delgado had to announce that Macedonian Salgado he would be Morena’s candidate.

√ Reliable sources of The universal they said that the elder sister of the defeated, Irma Erendira, woman of great power in the gabinete of president AMLO, put Mario in his place: he ordered him not to announce Macedonio’s triumph. She dubbed the leader of Morena with the support of others and other members of Andrés Manuel’s team.

√ Intimidated, Mario Delgado said that Morena would do another survey. It was not a major problem because such measurements of public opinion are cheap. Or not or are they? The INE will analyze the costs in due course, I suppose.

√ Mario, perhaps to avoid overspending, without applying the second survey decided to give the secretary’s brother the candidacy. I get it, nobody wants trouble with someone that influential.

√ Félix Salgado convinced Mario Delgado not to do it. He used philosophical arguments for this, as reported by Sabina Berman: “It’s me or the chaos will break out”.

√ Mario Delgado was even more scared and “called almost without a voice to National Palace for instructions ”.

√ A “safe source” from Palacio told Sabina that AMLO told Mario: “Do another survey that says that the people say they want Salgado.” Salgado is don Félix Salgado Macedonio, democratic hero I think he will be a terrible governor of Guerrero.

√ Mario Delgado, autonomous and independent leader of Morena, fulfilled the instruction: Macedonian will be a candidate, that is, governor, because in Guerrero the left is strong and monopolistic, not like in the northern states where there will be competition.

I think that Few politicians can do as much damage if they come to power as Salgado Macedonio. I do not know Amílcar Sandoval, but the chances are high that he is a more prudent man than the other.

But, no way, surely Morena’s survey, the only one that was done, diagnosed that Macedonio is loved by the people – sometimes the people are wrong, but that’s how democracy is -, while Irma Eréndira’s brother and John’s brother-in-law would only receive the vote of his relatives .

Beyond surveys, for Q4 – also for the President López Obrador– It would have been a strong blow in northern entities, where Morena does not have it easy, the candidacy of the brother of such a controversial figure in the cabinet, as well as the brother-in-law of the loudest of the organic intellectuals of the current power.

So it will be positive for AMLO and national governance the candidacy of Félix Salgado Macedonio. Of course, it is a bad news for Guerrero, but not to mention: in politics some people must always hit sacrifice.

The 4T will already find a magic formula to neutralize Don Félix and compensate for the misfortune of 3.5 million people from Guerrero. Pure enduring town.

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