Macabre discovery of a woman’s half-naked body a few meters from the Ezeiza-Cañuelas highway collector | Chronicle

By Fernando Vazquez
[email protected]

The semi-naked corpse of a woman, around 40 years old, was found in a field near the Ezeiza – Cañuelas highway, in the Buenos Aires town of Tristán Suárez. The victim, at first glance, He did not present injuries and, in this regard, it is not ruled out that he died while having sexual relations.

The spokesmen of the judicial department of Lomas de Zamora revealed to that the macabre discovery occurred 100 meters from the junction of the Ezeiza – Cañuelas highway collector and Juan Gálvez street, when a couple notified the occupants of a mobile of the Ezeiza Patrol Command (CP) of the existence of a deceased person, who was lying in an open area, among grasslands.

According to what was stated by the informants, the security personnel arrived at the aforementioned place, an opportunity in which they located the lifeless body of a woman of around 40 years of age, with a robust build, white complexion and dark hair, who was dressed in a blue T-shirt, black leggings and blue sneakers.

Public servants from the Tristán Suárez police station (2nd in Ezeiza) are trying to clarify what happened and in this sense it is not ruled out that the person died while having sexual relations.

It transpired that the corpse, according to the first tests carried out by the experts of the Special Cases area of ​​the Scientific Police, there were no visible wounds and that The investigators determined that a complaint regarding the disappearance of a woman of these characteristics had not been recently filed in the sectional offices of the area..

Now the result of the autopsy operation on the body is awaited to establish the reasons for the death.

He intervened in the file, which was preventively labeled “Investigation of causes of death”, the doctor Maria Lorena Gonzalez, Prosecutor in turn of the Functional Unit No. 3 of Ezeiza – specialized in Sexual Crimes, related to Human Trafficking, and Gender and Family Violence – dependent on the Loma courts.

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