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Luxury tower that pays like a vacant lot | Detected by …

ARBA detected a luxury residential tower in Mar del Plata that was not declared. It is located on a property on Boulevard Marítimo Peralta Ramos, in the Playa Chica area. According to the description of the Buenos Aires inspection body, “it is a building with more than 20 floors and has functional units with a market value of 400 to 500 thousand dollars.”

ARBA agents intimidated the developers since one of the towers of the property was not declared before the Treasury. “Once the tower is regularized, the Province will recover, only considering the 2020 period, more than 1.2 million pesos of collection of the real estate tax,” said Cristian Girard, head of ARBA.

Within the framework of the inspection actions that began to be developed on the Atlantic coast and other parts of the Buenos Aires territory, ARBA agents intimidated the developers of a luxury real estate development in Mar del Plata, since one of the towers of the property was found without declaring before the Treasury.

Girard explained that “the cadastral inspection in these exclusive buildings, aimed at people with high purchasing power, aim to reduce evasion in the sectors with greater taxable capacity, adding equity and progressiveness to the tax system.”

According to ARBA records, the real estate development in question includes, in total, three towers. One is currently under construction; another was registered by the developers in 2017, after an audit carried out by the agency. And the third is the one that was detected now in violation and must be regularized.

The cadastral operations of the Collection Agency are supported by satellite inspection tools and face-to-face actions, which makes it possible to determine irregularities with a high level of precision.

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