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Luiza Rozova (18) – Putin’s daughter is said to be so glamorous

Monaco – The mild climate of the French Riviera. The glamor of the neighboring casino. This wonderful view over the world-famous harbor with its yachts …

The former cleaning lady Svetlana Krivonogikh (46) from St. Petersburg did well with her luxury property in southern France. According to various media (including “SZ”), the woman has owned a 3.5 million euro apartment above the port of Monaco since 2003.

The explosive: She became the owner shortly after the birth of her daughter Luiza Rozova (18), who, according to the Daily Mail, now leads a jet set life between Moscow and Paris as an influencer and DJane.

The suspicion: Svetlana is said to have been the secret lover of President Vladimir Putin (68). And Luiza, who looks amazingly similar to him and whose middle name is Vladimirovna (German: daughter of Vladimir), her sweet secret.

The young woman flirts with rumors about Putin’s fatherhood. The mother is silent. But: Both have left telltale traces on Instagram.

The now 46-year-old kept posting photos from Monaco. According to the Daily Mail, one of 2014 shows fireworks over the harbor. Beneath it, daughter Luiza writes: “Wonderful! I know this place! “

According to a revelation by “SZ” and Co. (“Pandora Papers”), the formerly penniless cleaning lady now has assets of around 86 million euros, which are secretly parked.

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