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Luis Etchevehere asked Juan Grabois “to account for the fortune he receives each week”

Social leader Juan Grabois and former minister Luis Etchevehere crossed paths on social media.  (Photos: NA / Télam)

Social leader Juan Grabois and former minister Luis Etchevehere crossed paths on social media. (Photos: NA / Télam)

Luis Etchevehere He continued this Sunday with the tense crossing that he starred in social networks with the social leader Juan Grabois. Two months after the conflict over the usurpation of the countryside in Entre Ríos, the former minister responded harshly to the accusations of the leader of the Frente Patria Grande: “I prefer to continue working really in the countryside while a bunch of lazy and useless people live at the expense of the State ”.

It all started with a year-end message published by Grabois, in which he questioned the Mercado Libre company and – without mentioning it – its director Marcos Galperin, with whom he had several encounters throughout the year. “Some have the great merit of taking a slice when the rest of us are doing badly and the world is falling,” he wrote on Twitter on Thursday. The former Minister of Agroindustry was the first to go out to the crossing, assuring that if he “does badly, the country is doing well.” In addition, he called it “Remote control usurper”.

The referent of the Confederation of Workers of the Popular Economy (CTEP) did not take long to return the insults: “Corrupt, narco, machirulo and very, very cowardly. I gave back the school and what you stole from your sister. Haa (sic) and if you are such an alpha male, I’ll wait for you on Monday 11.30am at Pedro Echagüe 1265 to see if you learn anything about life. You are an aristocrat of cotillion … ”.

Instead of responding to him on Twitter, where the crossing had started, the former government official of Mauricio Macri referred to the episode in dialogue with The nation. “In a state of law, any dispute has to be dealt with in the courts, ”he said and thus discarded Grabois’s invitation to the meeting at the CTEP headquarters, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Constitución.

“We one The nation that you did not accept my invitation. You looked so handsome mistreating Dolores. I didn’t imagine you were going to be scared. Sorry @lmetchevehere, around there I expressed myself wrong. I invited you to a dining room so that you know the reality. Maybe your heart will soften. It is still standing, ”the social leader tweeted.

Now, Etchevehere’s response to the invitation came via Twitter and with harsh accusations: “It seems that the Grabois bosses forced him to change the provocation. It is not me to whom a dining room should show, that he accounts for the fortune he receives each week and that he drives at will ”.

In this way, the former minister announced that he had closed the matter and said: “I prefer to continue working really in the field while a sleeve of lazy and useless lives at the expense of the state without being accountable to anyone and committing crimes ”. For now, Grabois did not comment on the matter.

The origin of the conflict: the “Casa Nueva” ranch

In October, Grabois and Ethevehere starred in a crossover that ran through the national media for several days. Dolores Etchevehere decided to usurp the Casa Nueva ranch, in Entre Ríos. In a claim for the inheritance, claimed that this property belonged to her and not his brothers Luis, Arturo and Juan, with whom he has a long-standing conflict.

The Etchevehere brothers at the entrance to the Casa Nueva ranch.  (Photo: Télam)
The Etchevehere brothers at the entrance to the Casa Nueva ranch. (Photo: Télam)By: Telam

Grabois, in his role as a lawyer, put on the suit to represent her in court and Dolores donated 40% of those lands to the “Artigas Project”, a social organization founded by the leader close to the ruling party, to develop “entrepreneurship and agroecology”.

After two weeks of tension, Justice ruled in favor of the brothers. Finally, Dolores Etchevehere and the members of the “Artigas Project” were forced to abandon the taking.

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