Luis Etchevehere and Juan Grabois crossed paths again on social networks: “If you are such an alpha male, I’ll wait for you on Monday”

Juan Grabois and Luis Etchevehere
Juan Grabois and Luis Etchevehere

Two months after the crossing that they maintained in the framework of the usurpation of lands in Entre Ríos that were later evicted by court order, the social leader Juan Grabois and the former Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Luis Etchevehere They returned to star in a media interdict, this time through social networks, and that ended with the proposal as a challenge to meet face to face.

It all originated from a message that Grabois published last Thursday against Marcos Galperin, founder and president of Free market, with whom the referent of the Frente Patria Grande clashed on several occasions.

“Some have the great merit of taking a slice when the rest of us are doing badly and the world falls. It’s a shitty year for the excluded from the countryside and the city, the working people, the middle class. I toast because in the next one, as Quilapayún said, the tortilla will return ”, wrote Grabois on his Twitter account, attaching a photo of an airplane from Mercado Libre.


However, this time he was not the owner of the e-commerce The one who answered the message to the director of the Artigas Project was Etcheverere. “If things go bad for you, the country is doing well. Remote Control Usurper “The former president of the Argentine Rural Society wrote to him yesterday.

The public crossing once again had a new chapter already in the early hours of this Saturday, when Grabois responded defiantly and invited the former Mauricio Macri official to meet in person this Monday at the headquarters of the Confederation of Workers of the Popular Economy (CTEP).

“Corrupt, narco, macho and very, very cowardly. I gave back the school and what you stole from your sister. Haa (sic) and if you are such an alpha male, I’ll wait for you on Monday 11.30am in Pedro Echagüe 1265 to see if you learn anything about life. You are an aristocrat of cotillion … ”, accused Grabois in a thread of messages that went viral.


Etchevehere and Grabois had had an extensive conflict last October, when the “Artigas Project” of agro-ecological production led by Grabois usurped the grounds of the Casa Nueva Establishment, located in the entrerriana town of Santa Elena and owned by the Etchevehere.

The usurpation was led by the former minister’s sister, Dolores Etchevehere, in the midst of a family conflict over land ownership. A judge of Paraná finally ordered the eviction.

A few days later, Luis Etchevehere said in an interview with Infobae what “This happened because it is a government policy, where the president and vice president push on one side and let the other do, they also provided service to the seizure with national officials who not only participated in a hearing of parties in Courts in favor of the usurpers, and who did not heed the complaint of gender violence made by Ramona Rodríguez, the landlady of the field, where the usurpers mistreated her and threatened that they would throw her out if she did not give them a key that she did not have in her possession.

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