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Lucerito Mijares had a confrontation with his father during an interview

Since she was little, Lucero Mijares demonstrated her singing skills, a talent that she inherited from her parents Manuel Mijares and Lucero and has gradually consolidated it.

The youngest of the Mijares surprised the entire entertainment industry by winning the Fans Choice Awards 2021 in the debut category, a situation with which her father does not seem to agree very much. .

During an interview with Isabel Lascuráin, a member of Pandora, for her YouTube channel she spoke with Lucerito, as they affectionately call him, about this award.

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“Yes, fortunately I am very happy, very grateful to the people. Fans Choice Awards (it’s called the award). It was like something weird, debut… ”, he explained.

Next, Mijares interrupted to clarify that it is not a debut and assured that they are not launching it into the industry.

“Yes, but that is not a debut, there is no debut yet. What happens is that it is not, it is not a launch. It’s what people haven’t understood (…) He has already sung because, well, I love how the girl sings and her mother loves it too, basically that. Not that we are launching her to stardom. In due course she will decide if that is what she wants to do ”.

Lucerito Mijares between music and Veterinary Medicine

Lascuráin asked Lucerito if she would like to pursue her musical career, and she answered positively, although she confessed that she had wanted to be a veterinarian since childhood.

“I considered it but, because right now they have thrown me into the ring …”, confessed the singer to which her father stressed that they have not thrown her into the ring.

“We have not thrown you into the ring, no, no, no. That (the pieces in which Lucerito has participated) is something else, but it is not a launch, she first finishes studying, she studies her things, “said Mijares while mentioning” that she decides at the time ‘you know what, I do want to. sing ‘or not, but keep trying. Really the impression so far has not been a launch that we are throwing it away ”.

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