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Lousy, goodbye to Tuca

LOS ANGELES – When Mauricio Culebro arrived in Tigres, a change of command began to take place in the old style of Mexican politics. The president is one, and the one who commands is another. The office of the presidency belonged to Alejandro Rodríguez, ‘El Inge’, but authority and power already belonged to someone else.

Culebro arrived in Zuazua in March. On March 5, he spoke with Miguel Herrera. He urged him not to make statements again, after crucifying the blistered Giovani dos Santos and the screwed Guillermo Ochoa in statements to different platforms.

Why? Culebro explained that he was the candidate to replace Tuca Ferretti, and that the scandal he was unleashing complicated the environment. The ‘Louse’ became cloistered. And to that forced vote of silence was added an unfortunate period, a victim of COVID-19.

His only recent appearance has been to praise the French André-Pierre Gignac and revile the Chilean Humberto Chupete Suazo, as a historical reference in soccer in the city of Monterrey. Public relations, they call him.

Ricardo Ferretti was aware of everything. They had promised to renew his contract in November 2020. However, at Cemex, they wanted to wait. They wanted another League and the first Concachampions. In Liguilla, Cruz Azul eliminates them without forcing the machine.

In the Concachampions, they win in the Final against an unrecognizable LAFC, emptied in their Semifinal against America. With the ticket to the Club World Cup, a new illusion opens. Before leaving for the appointment in Qatar, they assure Tuca that as soon as he returns, they will renew the contract.

Tigres reaches the Final against Bayern Munich. It was time to overshadow a Monterrey that had had a vibrant feat against Liverpool, on the same stage, and had also returned and won the League. It did not happen. It was a sad troupe. As it had been in the Final of the Copa Libertadores against the most dismantled River Plate possible, affected by injuries, punishments and sale of players.

The situation in Zuazua was already complicated. ‘El Inge’ Rodríguez had imposed the incorporation of a Leo Fernández after the successful tournament with Toluca, and Ferretti was determined not to use him. With the arrival of Culebro, his fate was cast.

A few days ago, Ricardo Ferretti hired a public relations consultant. He did not want to improve his image, he wanted to put pressure on the board. The first advice was evident in the press conference, in which the Brazilian said that the board had pledged its word of honor.

“I have the word of honor, as a man, of the commitment we made a long time ago (…) I am calm because I already have the floor. When a man gives the floor, I think he is more serious than the firm itself, in that sense I am not concerned ”. That was the punch that Ferretti threw.

In addition, the version was mysteriously leaked that some key players of the team such as André-Pierre Gignac, Nahuel Guzmán, among others, would resign from Tigres if Tuca’s contract was not renewed.

This scenario brought Culebro out to the media. “No one is above the institution, we all owe ourselves to the institution. Tuca has come out to make certain comments and he is doing his game, he is doing his homework and we should not fall for the game and if he said that the players are going to leave, the players have a contract and are professionals. The contract with him is in force, and if it is Mr. Ferretti’s way of putting pressure, he is making a mistake, ”he told Cancha of the Reforma Group.

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This type of public challenge has never been received by Ferretti throughout his career, and even less so in Tigres, where he has only received reverence and extreme tolerance. Culebro’s reaction, evidently, was not an act of conciliation but of confrontation.

The reality is that the team is a sad shadow regarding the potential of footballers and the high payroll of the squad. This Saturday he will fight against Rayados for the right to go at least to the Repechage.

The passage of the Tuca Ferretti through Tigres is historical. It has given him five titles in 21 short tournaments. On May 20, he would be 11 years old since his arrival in a second cycle with the felines. He ended the fast of 29 and a half years without being able to win the League.

With a style that he defends and defines as “practical and successful”, a sector of the Tigres fans has demanded a more aggressive, offensive and spectacular scheme. At one time he ripped in the style of Manuel Lapuente: “Go to the circus!”

However, the performances for the Tuca circus have ended. A Cemex specialist, Mauricio Doehner Cobián, has been assigned to negotiate the Brazilian’s contract. He has only offered him a one-year contract, and with a series of sporting and behavioral demands. Ferretti wants three more years and without “new” conditions.

The Brazilian coach knows that he will not suffer to find a new team. But, he is comfortable in Monterrey, and at 67 years old, he is not seduced by facing the procedures of a move, especially because he would have to be away from his new family for weeks or months.

In addition, in no other city in Mexico, would they allow you to park your imposing red Ferrari in exclusive spaces for people with disabilities, or have car accidents or infractions, without having to deal with it like any other citizen.

It is impossible that the Tigres board of directors can overshadow Ferretti’s footprint in his history, so Culebro intends to take care of the forms with Miguel Herrera, to whom he will read the primer as soon as the moment arrives.

According to some Monterrey media, on the Tigres agenda there are other candidates under Miguel Herrera, all of them directing in South America. In Cemex there is still some resentment towards the arrival of the ‘Piojo’, especially because of his explosive temperament, although Culebro assures that he will have everything under control – presumably – with a new sports director!

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