Los Angeles: Mask refusers storm the mall and supermarket

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Mask refusers storm the mall, while six people die of Covid-19 every hour

The health system in Los Angeles threatens to collapse: the hospitals are full – oxygen for patients is scarce. Nonetheless, those who refused to wear a mask raised the mood against wearing mouth and nose protection on Sunday.

While six people die of Covid-19 every hour in Los Angeles County, a small group of alleged defenders of freedom walks through a mall in the city’s business district on Sunday. They hold their anger in their hands in the form of self-made signs. They chant loudly: “No more masks.” As with their calls, none of them wear a mask.

There is a dispute between a salesman and one of the demonstrators at a shoe shop. The seller denied the man entry because he was not wearing a mask. He closes the door of the shop. Then both gesticulate wildly with their hands and look deep into each other’s eyes. They stand face to face – only separated by a pane of glass. The police observed the events from a distance.

No one was arrested, according to the LAPD

It’s one of those videos that has been shared and commented on thousands of times on Twitter in the past few days. In other shots, several mask refusers can be seen creating trouble in a supermarket in Los Angeles. Even there, none of the alleged demonstrators wears a mask.

Instead, they mess with the staff and other customers. A woman even attacks a young man with her shopping cart who allegedly hit her earlier. As “Buzzfeednews” and the “Los Angeles Times” report, no one was arrested. A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) told the two media.

Los Angeles severely affected by the coronavirus

In the western United States, the health system is currently threatening to collapse: Rescue workers in the US district of Los Angeles are no longer allowed to bring certain patients with a low chance of survival to hospitals due to the overload caused by the corona crisis. This emerges from an order from the emergency services.

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti currently says a new person is infected with the virus every six seconds. Corona patients sometimes have to be treated in gift shops and conference rooms because the hospitals are completely overloaded.

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