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Loret de Mola affirms that at Bartlett’s house a tray was passed to empre

The journalist also refers that the official was accused by the left of kidnapping and political crimes, while the current president is He has defended him on the properties that were disclosed belong to the official.

“Bartlett duped the government into renegotiating the gas pipelines, costing them hundreds of millions of pesos. AMLO defends him ”, Another case in which his name was present was in the sale of fans at a premium by his son.

“Thus, at every step, in the face of every scandal, President López Obrador’s mouth is filled with praise for Bartlett. He tries to present him as a victim of supposed dark interests that want to stay with the electricity business. And it is unable to accept that corruption, inexplicable enrichment, influence peddling and ineffectiveness in the public service, as well as a string of the most serious crimes for which he has been denounced for years, accompany his consented official. “

“Why do you defend so much AMLO a Bartlett? The answer lies in the Chico Ché song that the president sings so much in his morning: what pompó, what pompó campañita, who pompó? “, He concluded.

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