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López Obrador’s “bittersweet” 2020: his fights, misunderstandings and blunders

Photo: Presidency of Mexico.
Photo: Presidency of Mexico.

During the last 12 months, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, starred in different episodes of public disagreement with several of his adversaries, including the former president Felipe Calderón, with the press and with opposition governors.

AMLO vs Calderón

Among the clashes he had this year, President López Obrador had several with his former adversary: Felipe Calderón.

It should be remembered that in one of his conferences, the president stated that with Calderón a “narco-state“, A qualifier that the former president did not like, who questioned him about his decision to greet the mother of Joaquín Guzmán Loera during a visit to Sinaloa.

“I am not the president who is greeting Chapo’s mother. I did not release any criminal. Not even the children of Chapo“Calderón replied

Given this, López Obrador told the Michoacan that with “Chapo’s mother” it was only a greeting, while in his team, Calderón had Genaro García, former secretary of Public Security, who is currently facing accusations of receiving bribes from the Sinaloa Cartel.

Another confrontation occurred when the president promoted the citizen consultation to bring the former president of the Republic to trial.

“President, I appreciate your good intention. But Justice is not a matter of consultations, but of evidence and laws. If the prosecution has evidence that I have committed a crime, go ahead, proceed. But if not, there is no question that is worth it. Respect my rights, ”said the PAN politician.

(Photo: EFE / Francisco Guasco)
(Photo: EFE / Francisco Guasco)

AMLO vs medios

The president has assured on several occasions that in Mexico there is no professional or independent journalism and that the press had never “glued” both to a government.

However, he has also affirmed that just as there is freedom of expression, there is also right of reply. For this reason he has used the space of his morning conference to launch qualifiers against the press.

And is that for the president, in Mexico there is no “a professional or independent journalism ”, there are“ filthy lampoons ”.

“What we have now is a journalism close to power, especially to economic power and very distant from the people, it is a journalism of the elite that does not defend the common people, at most to the middle class and from there on up, “he said from the National Palace last April.

AMLO vs Alianza Federalista

Opposition leaders have clashed with the president of Mexico on several occasions.

One of the first disagreements in 2020 was the disappearance of Seguro Popular and the entry into operations of the Institute of Health for Wellbeing (Insabi). The governors refused to adhere to the new public health system because they assured that there were no clear rules of operation.

Later, it was the fiscal pact, where the federal leaders accused that there is an inequitable fiscal distribution, so they demanded a modification to the law or otherwise, they would leave the fiscal pact.

López Obrador recommended that they carry out a consultation with their citizens to find out if they were willing to abandon the pact and only a few hours had passed, when the leaders they were already starting it.

Federalist Alliance (Photo: @fgcabezadevaca)
Federalist Alliance (Photo: @fgcabezadevaca)

The first president opened the possibility to modify the law, but clarified that for this there must be a consensus among state leaders.

One of the opposition leaders he faced in particular was Javier Corral, governor of Chihuahua, for compliance with Water Treaty of 1944.

For several months, the government of Mexico had difficulty extracting water from the state’s dams, because farmers prevented it on the grounds that their crops would run out of water.

López Obrador blamed Javier Corral, the senator of Gustavo Madero and the former governors of not allowing Mexico to comply with the agreement and called them “opportunistic”.

“From the northern states, all have already contributed their part, with the volume of water they have to deliver to the United States, we only have the missing of the contribution of Chihuahua because in a very opportunistic and irresponsible way now they have become nationalists and want the water not to be delivered, putting the country in a difficult situation, ”he said last October 2.


He “World’s most expensive election organization apparatus”, This is how López Obrador described the National Electoral Institute, a body with which he has also had several disagreements due to its cost and for supposedly having allowed electoral fraud.

For this reason, he pledged this year to be the “guardian” of the elections; However, the President of the INE, Lorenzo Cordova, He reminded the president that there is already an “electoral guardian” and that is precisely the INE.


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