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López Obrador highlights Kamala Harris’s “respect” for the “people of Mexico”

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador highlighted on Thursday the “respect” shown by the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, “towards the people of Mexico” in her call the day before.

“Yesterday I spoke with the vice president of the United States, Mrs. Kamala, and we discussed the issue of migration and there is an attitude of great respect towards the people of Mexico and I would say that also towards migrants,” López Obrador said at his press conference morning.

The president’s statements come a day after his call with Harris, in charge of dealing with migration from Central America and Mexico since March, in which they talked about the migration crisis that plagues the region, human trafficking and respect for rights humans.

The president asserted that there is a willingness in Mexico “to join forces in the fight against human trafficking and the protection of human rights, especially girls and boys.”

“They are looking for an orderly, safe migration, a concern of ours that we have been transmitting is that we must protect migrants in the south of our country,” López Obrador clarified this Thursday.

The region has experienced a growing flow of migration to the United States since the arrival of Democrat Joe Biden to the White House in late January, after a change in rhetoric and a promise to help thousands of asylum seekers stranded on the Mexican border.

According to official data, the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detained 100,441 migrants in February and 78,442 in January, while it is expected to exceed 170,000 arrests in March.

As López Obrador acknowledged, in particular the number of unaccompanied minors has alerted.

The leftist leader insisted on the need to “address the causes” of migration, urging Washington to approve $ 4 billion for development cooperation in southern Mexico and in the Northern Triangle of Central America.

“You have to support Central America, they are aware, I mean the United States Government, the vice president said yesterday, they have an initiative for the United States Congress to authorize 4,000 million dollars in support to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala” , he stated.

After highlighting an annual increase of 20% in remittances received from the United States, López Obrador also highlighted Mexico’s interest in an immigration reform that legalizes the undocumented.

“These issues are always discussed, there is a commitment on the part of the United States Government, of President Biden to have a migration policy with a social dimension, with a human dimension, I have maintained here that we congratulate that initiative,” he commented.

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