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López-Gatell and his yellow shirt star in cartoons in the national press

In recent days, holidays of the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo Lopez-GatellThey were a centerpiece for some national cartoonists.

With cartoons that expose him with his yellow shirt on the beach, moneros from different media criticized the days of rest of the undersecretary in full pandemic, which until this Tuesday adds 1 million 466 thousand 490 confirmed cases and 128 thousand 822 deaths in Mexico, officially recognized.

It should be remembered that this weekend on social networks, photographs of López-Gatell were made viral, who was captured in a restaurant in Playa Zipolite, in San Pedro Pochutla, Oaxaca Coast.

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An example of these cards is that of Waldo, currency of THE UNIVERSAL, who titled his work “De a pechito”, in which López-Gatell appears on sharks.

Also on Twitter, Magú, monero from La Jornada, published his cardboard highlighting the deaths from Covid-19 registered in Mexico until this Monday.

With the justification of a “deserved rest”, this is how the cartoonist Rictus, from El Financiero, titled his work, which he also shared through the same social network and in which he captured López-Gatell in a folding chair sunbathing .

And with the characteristic phrase of the Undersecretary “Stay at Home”, the monero Rapé from Millennium, was inspired to create his cartoon, in which he exposes the official in an inflatable float.

However, the one who was more risky in his creation was the monero Chavo del Toro, from El Economista, since he portrayed López-Gatell with little clothing, since on the beach where he was captured he is characterized by being a nudist.

Given the extensive criticism for the vacation taken by the undersecretary, the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that there is a smear campaign Against López-Gatell, whom he declared is an exemplary, prepared and a great professional official.

For his part, the undersecretary assured that “he has nothing to hide”, after being questioned by the photographs disseminated on social networks.

The official confirmed that he went to an Oaxacan town to visit his family at the end of the year, however he specified that he kept healthy distance.

“I have nothing to hide. I actually went to the coast of Oaxaca, to the Pochutla region. I went to visit very close relatives, very close friends ”, he described.


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